Wednesday 26 February 2020

Parents are the greatest enemies of their children (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

On a gobbet piece makes
Canary Wharf close down an office,
O’ spurned beauty look there was
insufficient time between each strike
for each strike to have been considered
carefully and for each strike 
to be considered
with relationship to the next
strike and its subsequent
achievements and hence therefore
who says stop
and yet the sky and my child
heart touches a cycle
gripping to record variations 
in wind, stop and death 
are within a bi-linear 
reference frame yes but
little pangs of downward strikes
are realistically not
there to be counted, of course
it appears to be below head 
height numb with fresh reason
and less curious 
than before inertness taking air 
under a gang profile 
what does it have to do with me? 
but the smell of coat 
to break this impasse again 
the rhythm of strike is a 
stirring countenance in my eyes
a beauty to be beheld!



100% proper Burgers (DRAFT)

Natural and civic 
wish georgic oranges 
people reach out we switch to 
eau minĂ©rale naturelle at 
love overseas, what dimension 
the heartland splinter 
thinks the topsoil is not known 
contamination measure traps
you in a fake meeting carried 
out during the summer
over mantra rabies 
for salved persuasion
only you thought you
could escape 100% 
proper Burgers

Wednesday 19 February 2020

By Themselves In The Wind What do Men, Women and Children Suffer From in an Affluent Society? (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

An emotion of shoes fitted 
to thank the Government!
GOD selling on the plea shortage yes
hung from a peg yes standing 
in half a dozen half-acres 
of pseudo-park regurgitated, 
I speak of Dorney, Taplow, 
Burnham and Bray
the world is one magnificent shop 
on green and pleasant land you
can sell whatever you want!

To share the name of our village
when it spreads and you feel grateful
remember it uses numbers,
measurements and indicators
in early warning systems thats
physics up the crane on Wimpey home
building sites to harmonize 
with the semi-detached villas
as a mission statement 
to preserve this exclusive ambiance
at least one servant must be forced 
into the smallest practical size 
and should be kept to the rear of 
the property, below the ridge line
and out of sight of any unsympathetic
shopfront elements putting me in ecstasy 
to waste, death, violence 
and animal cruelty on Monday ask 
again to share the name of our village!

Ask genetic egress its appetite 
to share the name of our village
and then leave social starlings
use keypad to enter First name, Last name 
and extension number surrounded by
the air islands remember our village
in the wind over half a dozen half-acres! 
and the water closet flows 
none other than the maternal silk 
ribbon that shoots pure hot
bliss and you will be the reason of 
these names and you will be natural
and you will share the name of our village!

Tuesday 18 February 2020

England is eccentric, but it has excelled as a great and celebrated centre of liberty for the privileged (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Keep us off aspiring solicitor 
dictionaries keep us off 
money to burn
in Austerity Street into blessedness 
every moment
I solicit for a thin 
grey slice of bread go on
imagine ann lesile
had become more lumbering 
and Johnsonian every moment
of every day from sooty earth 
with their freedom
all milk white
and straddled to the bed
fare of the anchorite!
or sometimes asleep
of pain in esne Gloucestershire
scantly moving 

Monday 10 February 2020

Ruth Angel Edwards, Cole Denyer and Adam Gallagher 2 February –1 March

Thursday 6 February 2020

Off donkey barrows and Pearly Kings (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Calmly squatting on top
out of the blood passes
with a defective toy bus, the smoke
honeymoon atmosphere permeating
all the dead factories militates 
no doubt against 
the production of work 

supposedly undid in the morning
I was born dwelling 
in their landscape as they bathe across
the mews from Millionaires to Millionaires
on the telephone 
the landlord informed me sighing 
that he knew what it was.

But answered 

that in other parts of the building
comprising shops and apartments
there were very bad cases indeed
I was not unfortunately the only one
he wished I was he wished
it was only nice people with dry 
rot in them somewhere
you must take your place in the queue
beams, joists, architraves, jambs, 
window-frames, floorboards of these 
unlived-in places and simply stay there

Tuesday 4 February 2020