Saturday 16 March 2019


The practical limits of a 
     working household is protective
it adjusts so no one can 
eat on their little 
knees luminous in 
count  semblance of 
durable contest is 
the parable of everyone 
and some of the
    worst idlers in Britain 


of the air 
across copper (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

 is a courtesy open country   price that 
 puritan to moral exits in foul shrubbery
    I, the  plaintive skiver laid down
the sentiment cliffs curving
 as if by the soft drift
betwixt minimum of  stopped age 
    falls and   promise is your responsibility to 
        ensure when do I quit?  
       liz truss  warm, again 
                    I need to know 
  when do I quit? liz truss  
      it hurts the Generation Z
       aspiring  to    become doctors 
         or businessmen with your blood 
bash the casement meant 
   in dole times           the spat of gout 
     nils risk-taking in Britannia
       panic is sleep grouted 
over time  as everyone who is declared 
to work calms  
        the front-line recession of hand
embroidered tea-towels 
grubbing down on brightly
         renovated furniture 
sits the shiny topper in mint crisp the 
snags of daily bread 
docket and bannered narrows
the fields where no word men scatter 
in the basket of livery 
            the pole-hook catches
     hot shard brightly over
 blind insurgency with the smart 
polished floor prone on glee 
lucent everlasting molfted balances
submit coated values at notice
  there calibrated into a large
     circular room is the
    enzymatic breakdown 
with the release of antigens out a pulp 
chamber alleges like this one
  in pure hops as a counter
 weight given in the latent 
 naval for will through effusive 
holy wallet sip under the topsoil 
 foot a life from the glass 
glide house we watch in
 the reprieve of  self-test this
 its unfitting dominion of
  hate that peculiar combination
 of affects seem to structure 
the experience of life as 
the back of back of shirkers 
i chase down with a mouth 
full of passwords change
 periodically my repelled
 endocrine at the bottom 
 of the report card 

Sunday 10 March 2019

the saddest name (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

10 asses its name to 
some kinder order  
and the smoke goes
      hanging up graded
 condition of my landscape 
      is truly struck
 in dismal rewards
    I feel about it 
for the price of
    managed operation 
fate game it does nothing
        but purchase in the 
income of sympathy 
      to go so general to 
led through abstraction 
 which blood carriage 
burns in plastic houses 
    virgin in the 
 immaculate places further 
   out in waits, 
pulled the gardens for 
 eat the cord 
the sick hole strikes 
me over and over 
and you would think
 fortunes brace 
in what certain value 
 we are determined to do
 against the complete glint
 object it comes through the 
    hardest miscreant I kiss 

Saturday 9 March 2019


At the poor
 self of mine, 
It is not 
my business 

Thursday 7 March 2019

At the Chelsea flower show pigs cannot serve as asymptomatic carriers (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

drive the petals into poor,
love is keening in to free pleat
having been there leat breath
            accepting with 
bearers fix the fruit land as it edits 
against the complete 
sprig coup you can- 
as all good things 
must find out
how to fillet wall
  as the thinnest stock choice 
or waiting at this 
up hedge in yours which it 
empties with us the same 
table as much wide
as earth to a good cause
interrupted into the faintest 
summit of burning runs
over the energy of metal 
as this we speak for on 
poor wraith is the road we pay 
into land your high eyelid 
 with rain compounds
footbridge rising in the amenable print 
the more favours will get on top 
from there the thinnest 
packs are cleft back opposed to faded 
scoured up nation cut inflict for 
allayed fix a report on the 
open market in
capillary break sounds impossible on a
   double-decker routemaster bus turns
first as the rain screen 
     is the siding itself from getting wet 
in a public garden
platform the remote 
choice of hate suckles 
the switch nurse fine in vacancy and 
fairings clock a fault right down 
deep to show the peel
back of the tiled debris
face into refuted tender
for each acre 
  is foot and mouth
as instrument clearing
 in honest starred lathe 
          too late too early

Friday 1 March 2019

Start complaining about the lifts, soon you're doxing your own mum and eating the dog or Joanna Lumleys smashed in face (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

The streets are callused
   thick sealed in getting home 
    has been for you the waiver of
sun is blameless merit or decent 
in perfect blocked count the failure in
       steady hand perform 
       the kitchen door,
 a hallway memorial in erotic dirge
mothers sleep tidied
       in unworking 
    blocked-up pedestrian 
       handicapped access
expected inshore shout 
    half-way through
            semi-elliptical path 
   during the rubbing 
motion of security as
     its bifurcates horses 
camped denying  access to 
   water-toilet facilities 
in a crush injury situation, 
      topped in the city obelisk the
real flagstones are arguably 
    the best views in London gone
and widening areas we use for making 
       the work of conditioning,  
postpone my sleep-mode 
    in all parameter types 
a small trapeze band 
 than I live in scaffolds tissue of phone 
calls appropriate
 and propionate hush  
manipulates body plan 
         for food under the threat of cheaply 
chlorinated rubber floor paint 
as the lengthening of time
        smarty faced to bake in laurels 
the vaudeville of rich make it out 
       in seconds blip asunder in 
inquisition blots it brightly in
           crane verdure for a 
    capital city every day 
peats over town 
      hallways billed in body fat 
is hard to set alight intact choked 
      the number benefit 
         stem of green-fingered 
       hate-object escapes 
root enquiry for view-strip in air
     as unconsenting flick
over you are teeth it 
lets every age happen
         by archiving properties during use the 
        home keening under snag corridors 
    stealed out chronic 
drinkers the yard-long meadow is 
      a poly-fillered pity line 
over clever heteroclite, 
         history top polished off white ulcer 
as social hypocrisy 
of a goods lift rehearses 
the geraniums would be fine