Thursday 29 July 2021

2002; Ian Huntley as David Beckham, 2021

Oil on European fabric 



Alcohol Torture, 2021




Wayne & Karen Aged 9, 2021



Wayne Rooney painted as Karen Matthews aged 9. 

Oil on expensive European fabric

Geschichte des Stuhls (Faust Shkaravsky), 2021


30cm x 45cm

Oil on expensive European fabric


Oil on expensive European canvas 


tells on hips, 2021

Oil on expensive European canvas 




Oil on expensive European canvas 


DJ Boogie Knights (Special Demonstration Squad), 2021

Oil on expensive European canvas

Rob Harrison is the alias of a Special Demonstration Squad undercover officer who infiltrated a number of London left-wing / anarchist groups including State of Emergency Collective, No Borders London, Globalise Resistance, rampART and the International Solidarity Movement from 2004 to 2007.

As part of his cover, Rob presented as a DJ, using the moniker DJ Boogie Knights (or Boogieknight). As such he played numerous parties and benefit gigs for the groups he targeted. He also organised a number of these fund-raising events events. Emails from 2006 indicate that he was familiar with bands who were supportive of protest causes and had personal contacts with them, which he used to inquire about putting on benefit nights. 

Rob Harrison is known to have had at least one sexual relationship while undercover, with 'Maya' (pseudonym) who he met through London ISM. Another London ISM campaigner recalled that he had 'chased' someone in their group for a relationship. Rob also mentioned that his family were really racist so he had previously had a black girlfriend to spite them, and that he liked black women in general.

Rob Harrison was one of the last undercovers deployed by the Special Demonstration Squad. His initial deployment appears to have been into Globalise Resistance.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who came along and supported the joint No Borders and rampART collective gig on Saturday. I attended a meeting this evening and the feedback from the rampART crew was very supportive and positive. We did manage to make some money :) - I'll give a full break down of the costs at the next London meeting!


Lex Terrare: Roger Scruton Experiencing the Sublime in Hull, European City of Culture, 2021



Resin, oil paint, human hair 

Scale of 4:3, displayed on an Artex wall. Cast and made to physiognomically resemble Sir Roger Scruton experiencing the sublime. Scruton was often considered an exponent of contemporary classical conservatism in UK. Writing The Meaning of Conservatism, 1980-which he described as ‘a somewhat Hegelian defence of Tory values in the face of their betrayal by the free marketeers.’ This first prototype is an attempt blur the relationship between the ‘model’ as a speculative object and an artefact of caricature. From Walpole’s arse to Major’s underwear.

Kiss Of Judas Icarus, 2021


Oil on Expensive European Fabric

Sunday 25 July 2021

Sarg Yobbo VI (DRAFT)


We tell the common people that if they submit to a code of tyrannical regulations, they shall never be in want. They do submit to these regulations. They perform their part of the contract, but we do not, nay cannot perform ours and thus the poor sacrifice the valuable blessings of liberty and receive nothing that can be called an equivalent in return. 


Eating shit earth unbowed steadfast 

&red in the face its       

understandably puffed anger

of (e.g. human) warmth with salt tears

stepped onto my tongue & spread 

a slanting edge of ‘morrow 

to incise a name not mine 

O & to what many consider actual blood 

through the spy gash 

from this heart full of ire 

down a throat return’d 

my free speech betwixt us twain

arm to arm I throw my gage, 

my name alive to light itself a name 

the furthest verge of caverns gilded blame

or starlings crashing at nights black’d hymn 

our solemnities in wax disfigured it 

in your desires blood 

a single blessedness still

as I give curses to enrich 

for 36 yobbos of philharmonic pitch

sang Sarg Yobbery 808, 

of boy inverted spells yobbo

1. you are not but apart from

&unfaithed in Margaret Thatcher’s grain

2. sunk a knuckle of evils blame

end end! end life! 

end wishes greatly coming from fair ideals! 

end this dispraised mood! 

brave awake 

ere my tongue if you would know 

roughcast & strung up 

to high heavens lullaby

O for each year a year dead of wall’s chink 

in this desiccated evening sick 

upon before once my name

that you stole of lesion harelipped false &tuned 

as oath on oath of twisted faces 

became you& your tarnished places 

as to be undelivered 

o dear last night under a full moon

some nice person 

decided to smash my carwindows 

& steal a single B & W 602 speaker 

(series 3 - black),

a Technics record bag containing 

a Rotel amp 

& various cables & cds 

& my favourite green jacket

sickly spent this hateful evening 

of blood in my eye marveled a negadive

so the river filled shrubs hello

shelved air crashing to smarted circles 

mute grot spires give away to show &tell

the enemy within exculpated yobbo scum 

England dendritic cell populations 

on snake breathe so Georgian 

that rites tryst a brooding 

history of blood code

dear canary stuck tight  

you die tonight by spited numbers 

behind a coking plant is a counter-measure 

of who dares wins in pearled media blots 

out perjury ordered 

on day scrim eating GB84 

denaturalise neoliberal iterations of freedom

nolens volens undo this present ill 

we will continue to live in the daring's 

of good vs evil

of freedoms tyranny a bell rings to split 

a shortened grip less spike of this bolted body 

a nose cap in spite 

bladed lodged beside 

tears of endless bright 

hireling night impeach'd

a cosh made wraith inside 

of mainly drunken speech 

√©minence grise unsickled of life after death 

the poverty lobby galvanised me

our wet tories have their ears bent 

with stories of appalling hardship 

of other territories 

spiritual & material 

confiscating responsibility 

from the individual life 

itself unloved to die inside 

your alien subject 

you that pinhole & flayed 

itself outside my trench 

bent asunder to the freedoms succeed 

be reminded 

there will always be some who suffer misfortunes 

for which they cannot provide 

&they should be helped by 

relatives, friends, voluntary groups, 

& as a last resort of course 

by the State, 

realise of faith still violates your name 

so laid arsenic on Brook Street 

for a quiet life confiscate responsibility again

from the individual the fundamental mistake 

is to look to compulsion to do the work of freedom

cannot create what can only be created 

by individuals acting on one another 

to love miscall in sickness invade 

on questions of functions 

by taking ordinary people into your confidence,

you will create the army that you need to come,

at last, to victory as life is halted Caroline Cox 

at home do you believe in cutting sheath 

of undreamed prosperity 

O woe a bleeding heart 

cured hide skin bracken wide

I close up again the slogs of your necktie 

what is the average cost of living in the UK?

with stones wandering to &fro is junk in a orifice

drops bootstrap racked over coals 

picked to grow need & show

armfuls crossed stretched wide

to white deb lace curtain 

at boreholes to my ear alone 

say 'life' is sick

to retreat in cinquefoil rusticum jus 

steadily worse I close up 

&hide myself a torch of burning wax 

weighing two pounds gored from Broughams 

to jobless Gambeson on a dead code 

asleep in creosote is the same

where life’s hasp flares out 

of anguished indictments 

&talk of encroachments

a soulless pale of points drooping to hack 

at your bodies consumed fires 

to thrown to wind reduced to ashes

that old customs died the remaining exploding din

Sarg Yobbo, 

kiss into a stump 

within the budding grove 

of fleshes red for reds sake alone

&hopeless in thrums 

to accept them twisted through now silent

 I. I Have Always Worked Hard 

willing &at minus 

hard on burning backbone Barroness Cox, 

ascent into blood of children 

on the dawn before a mothball drops 

so unworkable bootstraped& racked over coals 

to a trickle of coded signals picked of need to grow 

a backleg, a knobstick knotted to a rattlesnake

a toad &vampire combined 

&no it is not a bad business

to have a cork-screwed soul 

or a water-logged backbone made of jelly

& glue it fares well when saved with alms 

dancing the Carmagnole for a weeks wages

on its deserting dying in smokeless power 

blithe in the Scotch mist or money in the mattress 

do it for yourself!

Thursday 22 July 2021

Sarg Yob IV (DRAFT)


O wall a looping hairpin itch reaping

me now dog-legged to an (e.g. human) warmth 

&hole stricken as I sing aloud 

from this edge& in your light 

Dear Sergeant Yobbo,

your brightest human warmth 

assuming like other members 

the identity of a body who had died young 

&be made into braids of armaments 

&worships invisible now through the spy gash 

a human light made human warmth 

to you unmoved clinking ha'porth 

made your mouth to not smiling 

I speak through the Special Demonstration Squad 

using an alias of a stolen life, 

an invisible toll clamped tight 

an exit strategy of said name of deceased child 

Sergeant Yobbo, O hole-strickened hook reaped

my own itch as it haft reaps 

slowly deadening attrition 

a wreathe spiral flickers up my face

the wind over broken stars 

cover the hole of this wall!

I speak your mouths exit a bewitched helve 

to eat custard cream biscuits sunk a knuckle 

to sunder of thorn by name 

by night you have taken 

tacked on to a letter

abandon mother & child 

in the make-believe activist play 

a warmth comes over me 

for the most dedicated fathom imagine 

broken stars broken 

a hole to sunder alone 

of thorn by name & night 

I can speak through every word unsucked of life 

to be a frightening vein 

Dear Sergeant Yobbo, 

O you have put in the cub 

got up the spout, the stick knocked thricely 

in the wind this here is a policeman's child 

to wash this blood off from my guilty hand 

the identity of a boy who had died young

under evensong 

of a life misspelt a life mislaid 

& love of you 

Sarg Yobbo, 

twitched life entwined 

spy infiltrated my code weaved 

of each wastlings 

now foresworn to be a forged life 

re-emerged of sequences of mine 

for me this broken lamp the emails have expired 

since you ruined my life 

in this here cold black pond

a shaft of light stricken white 

watching in cleaning them of tears blight 

of a hireling this I protest a soul full

for a hardcore militant sowed as a lover 

avail oneself of sexual relations for the purposes of 

policing this living fear?

with my hand set down on penitence evermore 

O woe the unconventional nature of accomodation 

in the right age-category or of each others homes 

on this sunken heel of mine 

Sarg Yob, 

of how many are in your creation & unreceived 

unforgiven am I the first spawn 

competing with a dead child 

or I born in reverse of you

Sarg Yobbo, 

closed to skin of mine swathed in vela 

to be held in covers & sheets

be made into blackjack or baton 

upon this cosh a traitor's hand 

did set it down with my name 

there a promise pass'd speak 

I will break it open 

within my mouth of rolled & folded papers

an improvised weapon of beermats, 

horse brasses, polo mints, shoelaces 

& boots squashed together to form a cosh 

under your arm unwanted 

I am here, remaining as a stealth weapon 

Sargin half to create a handle (a haft)

& a rounded head at the fold 

it is me your child 

your long-lost child 

& I have unreservedly emailed    

since the dawn of time 

& received no response 

blot shilled to memory raked with holes 

invisible in your mouth sickled 

your brightest stifled light 

a secret unit nail clawed to grapnel 

of a boy who died 

of this falsest of lights 

in the blood heart defect, 

let sorrow sway under the whole data, 

personal irrational pellet 

on my hanging mouth 

I have written with a groan 

where did I leave?

& to be returned from your heart-blood name 

impeach'd, baffled upon my grave 

my given fair name, but not shame at my own foot 

of boots squashed together to form a cosh 

I do not bid again,

with this hanging mouth 

or spotless head 

an antithesis of what a good boy should be 

spelt backwards of a wrecked request

that malice makes too deep a paw 

fanged this crook died in your mouth 

when you utterd me'

unsheathed my unlived life 

there is no boot with this hanging mouth

or this life be spent betwixt us twain 

blood's royalty at spat aim 

at I in this foisted bloodrot 

this undid my name 

& made me Sarg Yob 

is boy spelt backwards 

curbs me my right drawn to name 

a sundered blot in the blood of the MET 

a foul for what I speak my body shall make good 

upon this earth as a good subject should 

spur reprisal & make blood hot

O prodding strange evening 

do you remember when you fingerholed my life!

you made of me strange & want nothing 

of what you want 

a needle sick on this bad life 

to make all good, 

like a traitor coward stuffed & pricked scapula tight 

this injurious mirror-image 

formless of touch and further will maintain 

these arms of due furbish of home stead 

so sighs & tears cover my eyes & ears 

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Work Ethic Unchained IV (DRAFT)


Dominic Raab egad without prejudice 

egad save as to costs excise in halting vanes

extruded of all hell can hold to fixing bolts 

O & O &O &O 

lovely wall, ground & mine! 

I am delivered here 



twitching by the lifting bar 

a fourth step was added to the ladder I did not see

& I have fallen back inside, a hole 8p wide 

in the 'right' kind of innovation, &we

know from our web analytic figures people drop  

into twitching sides, 

to an insole enmity 

&it takes on average 17 minutes for a hole 

known as a sanction to silence like a grenade pulse

a kind of bleak croak  

by reducing away a last firmament

culling to null & ease anguish 

of this our torturing hour God hooked 

O grim night Dominic RAAB

turniped to bedevil his government

to chain nothing to nothing & to say 

I'll be skydiving from 15,000 feet for no charity

down inside your throat 

to go away 

until judgment is handed down upon my head 

& to wait & to be inside your throats cam rig

to speak for you as your write to the European Research Group

of your indignation of the worst idlers in the world! 

O grim night I break my teeth upon the ledger 

& grind down bleached out & ask  

what is a blue at Oxford? 

(a) a sickle spiked inside my chide, unhorned

(b) a twitching lesion of a gullet of a man that night broke off on

(c) sealed to cough and look pale this rattling tongue  black as bracken night broke off,  

speak most to my capacity I was clothed in light a whiteness of white itself I was whispered into twitching sides see wretchedness o'er 
O government minded, 
my childer has unreturned 
when William of Orange came to the throne
and made me sick and blue in heart and mind
an unrallied life as nation wraith crossed inside 
unmarred lifeblood this a dead life 
this a floor strewn in disobeyed meters 
& sunder energy, water, banking, education 
& the NHS –to barren protest
walk inside this Gentleman's club and fuck this child 
& cavort these poppies on my eyes 
my ears and my nostrils my palms extended calloused
along my broken name O disobeyed
& I was sickled to be blue &done by 
a regiment of Horse Guards
that swore in through hard-work
& an undying love of country 
to become a mounted branch 
extending this honorable pugilistic 
now for MP for Esher & Walton 
into twitching sides 
see any wretchedness expunged from all life
Dominic Raab look pale to this rattling tongue
inhibit these lines now ripe for cut hold 
&enforcement of competition
of milkweed &honey rivulets that run down your face 
like imagined tears of a lumpen sunk breed of people
that you detest & seek to kill 
or mime or throw upon yourself
& all the hate you bury in your beaded eyes 
black as bracken night broke off,  
speak most to my capacity my inverted life  
whispered in a crannied hole or chink, 8pence thick  
&O duty tender it
 &O take your places shiver
& O scorn did fall upon this blade 
of lust for your strength 
so brazen under frozen light of austerity 
we have neglected to understand the unending nature of
& that you ensure to remind us of its perpetual living death
 on the nights of looting
 I read you under gaslight
& I imagine your broken voice reading back to me through a crannied hole
a whisper sunk in my earglow 
i hear you speak to my heart Dominic Raab
your tender broken voice 
bequeathed of Dr Cahlloner's Grammar school, 
sapping my pleas as I mellow in the remnants of
these burnt out commercial leases to start again 
ripe for cut hold 
&enforcement of competition
to cut myself wide by integer for Fiscal Stylus a hole, 
8pence wide
Tonight Dominic Raab, 
now on your own to rumple thorns 
& scrub a divided shadow unwrit
murmur to yourself the same cold audit 
scouring your personnel into miserable unfeeling
a murderous cut-throat incentive 
to unfasten tongue from mouth
mouth from head 
and somewhere in arms letter length 
its undying subsong tremors to lock tendril 
&overcome a suspended tic force 
 nozzle to nozzle tight singe 
The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith,
under the mulberry tree 
most ragged & dismissed of shone eyes spiked
Dearest Dominator you have my hands bound 
i am plucked of pride but retain all of my adult teeth
dearest dear dom, I drink to you Rt Hon. 
thoroughly I drink from the spectral hands 
on this halted night 
to live in fright and menace of your brazen contempt of life
and to break all rime for cost 
egad life for all life is a measure 
of a cut & to be 
snapped and made into a signet of your unalloyed brilliance
&bedazzle of your histories 
carved out the eyries inside the body politic the body that
I dispossess every night under gilded light 
willed into action 
&be there when I grind my own life back to me
when i hand my own hand back to herald 
& void me of all your concentric cruses 
of all the worlds rime felled bloodless 
to sing sweet your life's fever and shrill bitterness 
will unreign