Tuesday 13 July 2021

Work Ethic Unchained IV (DRAFT)


Dominic Raab egad without prejudice 

egad save as to costs excise in halting vanes

extruded of all hell can hold to fixing bolts 

O & O &O &O 

lovely wall, ground & mine! 

I am delivered here 



twitching by the lifting bar 

a fourth step was added to the ladder I did not see

& I have fallen back inside, a hole 8p wide 

in the 'right' kind of innovation, &we

know from our web analytic figures people drop  

into twitching sides, 

to an insole enmity 

&it takes on average 17 minutes for a hole 

known as a sanction to silence like a grenade pulse

a kind of bleak croak  

by reducing away a last firmament

culling to null & ease anguish 

of this our torturing hour God hooked 

O grim night Dominic RAAB

turniped to bedevil his government

to chain nothing to nothing & to say 

I'll be skydiving from 15,000 feet for no charity

down inside your throat 

to go away 

until judgment is handed down upon my head 

& to wait & to be inside your throats cam rig

to speak for you as your write to the European Research Group

of your indignation of the worst idlers in the world! 

O grim night I break my teeth upon the ledger 

& grind down bleached out & ask  

what is a blue at Oxford? 

(a) a sickle spiked inside my chide, unhorned

(b) a twitching lesion of a gullet of a man that night broke off on

(c) sealed to cough and look pale this rattling tongue  black as bracken night broke off,  

speak most to my capacity I was clothed in light a whiteness of white itself I was whispered into twitching sides see wretchedness o'er 
O government minded, 
my childer has unreturned 
when William of Orange came to the throne
and made me sick and blue in heart and mind
an unrallied life as nation wraith crossed inside 
unmarred lifeblood this a dead life 
this a floor strewn in disobeyed meters 
& sunder energy, water, banking, education 
& the NHS –to barren protest
walk inside this Gentleman's club and fuck this child 
& cavort these poppies on my eyes 
my ears and my nostrils my palms extended calloused
along my broken name O disobeyed
& I was sickled to be blue &done by 
a regiment of Horse Guards
that swore in through hard-work
& an undying love of country 
to become a mounted branch 
extending this honorable pugilistic 
now for MP for Esher & Walton 
into twitching sides 
see any wretchedness expunged from all life
Dominic Raab look pale to this rattling tongue
inhibit these lines now ripe for cut hold 
&enforcement of competition
of milkweed &honey rivulets that run down your face 
like imagined tears of a lumpen sunk breed of people
that you detest & seek to kill 
or mime or throw upon yourself
& all the hate you bury in your beaded eyes 
black as bracken night broke off,  
speak most to my capacity my inverted life  
whispered in a crannied hole or chink, 8pence thick  
&O duty tender it
 &O take your places shiver
& O scorn did fall upon this blade 
of lust for your strength 
so brazen under frozen light of austerity 
we have neglected to understand the unending nature of
& that you ensure to remind us of its perpetual living death
 on the nights of looting
 I read you under gaslight
& I imagine your broken voice reading back to me through a crannied hole
a whisper sunk in my earglow 
i hear you speak to my heart Dominic Raab
your tender broken voice 
bequeathed of Dr Cahlloner's Grammar school, 
sapping my pleas as I mellow in the remnants of
these burnt out commercial leases to start again 
ripe for cut hold 
&enforcement of competition
to cut myself wide by integer for Fiscal Stylus a hole, 
8pence wide
Tonight Dominic Raab, 
now on your own to rumple thorns 
& scrub a divided shadow unwrit
murmur to yourself the same cold audit 
scouring your personnel into miserable unfeeling
a murderous cut-throat incentive 
to unfasten tongue from mouth
mouth from head 
and somewhere in arms letter length 
its undying subsong tremors to lock tendril 
&overcome a suspended tic force 
 nozzle to nozzle tight singe 
The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith,
under the mulberry tree 
most ragged & dismissed of shone eyes spiked
Dearest Dominator you have my hands bound 
i am plucked of pride but retain all of my adult teeth
dearest dear dom, I drink to you Rt Hon. 
thoroughly I drink from the spectral hands 
on this halted night 
to live in fright and menace of your brazen contempt of life
and to break all rime for cost 
egad life for all life is a measure 
of a cut & to be 
snapped and made into a signet of your unalloyed brilliance
&bedazzle of your histories 
carved out the eyries inside the body politic the body that
I dispossess every night under gilded light 
willed into action 
&be there when I grind my own life back to me
when i hand my own hand back to herald 
& void me of all your concentric cruses 
of all the worlds rime felled bloodless 
to sing sweet your life's fever and shrill bitterness 
will unreign