Monday 29 March 2021

Geschichte des Stuhls (Faust Shkaravsky), 2021


30cm x 45cm
Oil on expensive European fabric


Bullring Corps Body starred in like screaming hires

& everybody hot seated on Granary Sq.

all bossed up production values 

off a squatlove wind sore not swept

the boundary between public & private bokes 

O fingernail’d symphony go mutineer atonal 

on the walls of the Bank of England 

our Soviet stitches undivided, 

Stuckhard granite paramilitary LTD

all heathen reliquary muzzled typehard 

& wish repealed 

on ONE MILLION POUNDS of parquetry 

the lozenge blackens to mirth 

by fifes beneath them grandee 

sun shuts out on a witness stem

giving up deleterious song 

in chancel of let do & be a fingertipped 

It Is Business. 

By the rule book the Public London Charter 

debugged my linked mangle, over stewardship  

of carving eyries & 

security solutions 

over the furrowed glebe

blood silent & frozen out.  

 Cut hole to bury Britpop head first

& where are our houses? allied by blood or other affinities    kindling a Winter of Discontent on

Royal Warrant emoted the depths of shyer creatures 

&bags full of rotten fruit & caustic soda 

thrown from bad wood warped under veneer 

to eat shade under the arch-shaped roof 

boss fed Facegym 

slipping my palsied heart too dull to sympathise with

& teeming underneath paroxysm 

you speak down from my heart-to-heart .

Inside the ladder intravenous its eye worm isthmus 

cancelling dry humming ferns 

polices the knowledge quarter  

before the popular glories of the palestra 

offers keash braids, bam brows 

pavan henna behind asphalt hillocks 

all chicanery in the heart of London

 is a well lined glen welded around chrome

    balustrade, of medieval liberty. 

Lauded into Colophon, black falls down 

PoP goes the mock utopian air

& public-space gurus vet enterprise on 

 hissing canisters smile to ruck 

wrapped in Glencore-mined metals

Downed Taliban beauty curved to threads 

of ash into dark walnut pews 

deteriorated every living sign

traded fair on straw bale walls.


In Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton HOUSES

programs in subversive thinking are too idealistic 

hence cruel & whipped up in the gentlemen clubs

velveteen small men, 

& Prince conformity, raw emotion gets a clinical picture

guarded triage inside tawse broken 

under clubhouse insignia The Wetrooms 

              of Tory contracts & desexualising 

             ermine trimmed jackets     

   fetish cries on the edge of nothing  

cries back  wrapped 

in swaddling clothes 

piss craved &bended knee 


Strike down to my soul: here

despot tears in vermin tracery 

still on their cheeks, whimper their way through 

‘Abide With Me’ no girls save the Chaplain’s daughter 

Friday 26 March 2021



David Steans 
Lotte LS. 
James Goodwin 
Ziddy Ibn Sharam 
Christian Athletes
Mira Mattar 
Jo Lindsay Walton 

Up with the Cupronickel Ponte Giardino and Down with Our Enemies (After Use), 2020


Up with the Cupronickel Ponte Giardino and Down with Our Enemies (After Use), 2020

Detailed Love Letter from Boris Johnson to Joanna Lumley regarding the rendezvous of the beneficiary, Thomas Heatherwick and the regeneration crows; typifying the Conservative government’s commitment to private enterprise at the expense of state intervention and public provision. The rendezvous was not designed to provide health facilities, or any other public-spirited functions. But instead it devised a market-led strategy that slashed through red tape to lure developers and new businesses. Unfettered by the lengthy consultations and conventional planning practices that dictated the pace of developments elsewhere, ensuring over £43m of public money was spent before construction even began. The Garden Bridge was planned to Cupronickel, of which the most common modern use of is silver-coloured coins.


Shepperton Domesday Developers, 2021


Model replica of JG Ballard’s art-deco house in Old Charlton Road. 
Honey, formica, caustic, paint 
65.3cmx 68.5cm x45.2cm 

EFITS (LEWISHAM) 2017, 2018 (Vevey, Switzerland)


Tuesday 23 March 2021


In 2015, I was invited to show in a studio and project space in South East, UK. I had prepared to show a sculpture of Ian Duncan Smith’s inverted head painted in emergency exit red. The head itself, was attached to a scaffold pole to evoke the custom/symbolic value of placing a head on a spike for the purposes of warning spectators or as in the historic case of Oliver Cromwell posthumous execution at Tyburn. His head was subsequently displayed in Westminster Hall, the exact same location as the trial of Charles I as revenge by the monarchy on the head of state.

I planned to install the piece on the roof of the space. During the show, it became quite clear that the original artist fee became ‘dematerialised’ amongst these young curatorial hands. As a form of vengeance, I installed the head for the duration of the show in the only staff toilet on the premises. The closest public toilet was 500ft away in the town centre in a Costa Coffee chain.


Monday 22 March 2021

Parliament House or Dung Market, 2021 (Cole Denyer & Max Fletcher)


365.2cm x 167.3cm 
Oil on expensive European fabric 

Saturday 13 March 2021

Work Ethic Unchained(DRAFT)


We can fairly aver that a reduction of wages in the woollen manufacture would be a national blessing and advantage, and no real injury to the poor.

By this means we might keep our trade, uphold our rents,

and reform the people into the bargain.

J.Smith: Memoirs of Wool. 1747 II

The Integer for Fiscal Stylus has calculated that the user, 

You are foul of our estimate,  a ‘cut’  to £0. in a hole 

known as sanction through whom I see no bliss at all!

O wicked wall, fulminate mist jilted. 

mudguards. in pith. 

I woe I am to this wall's hole woe sealed 

to dangle work upon the spy gash & hunches consecrate & twist

All rime on felled sickle croaks  

up liquid.  fiscal pricks

today’s the Ocean is buried

death for garnets in pockets

 eat 5% now

to your peace kindling.

Today CSJ has built an alliance on poverty

so skiver punnets long for ouroboros 

in sepulchre eat sick off red-tapeworm. 

Known as sanction heart of nothing  

known as large analgesic of my lanyard, wrapped 

I have found myself  crannied inside a hole 8pence thick

in autogas Feud Baron Feud 

laid to rest

down the CNS you moved,


 betwixt a billfold screed.

The Working Group members 

anonymity will recover 

in your children's children's birthmarks 

as work requirements  dangle  

& out-of-work indentations remain 

to in-work indentations a pruning knife  

found compelling evidence for the idea that money earned 

through work carries more utility than money received from benefits

Mother has an Ovaltine & settles down 

she does not say the word for 

Harym, harm, as in the roadblock

cracked to a kind of twilight,

old speculative charts spotless 

made of Rose, pour in cause over

to swell up the chaff 

after too much harm 

 cleanness of spot of rose in the 

surface  a corpus stuck inside

a heretical nosedive.

Dr Stephen Brien, Nicholas Boys Smith David Godfrey James Greenbury Nicholas Hillman Sara McKee Dr Peter King Lee Rowley Debbie Scott Corin Taylor upended in the street bloodlocked downed by F-Troops 

FLS hon. caus. pecunia non olet 

beyond work there are rats carved on Haymarket Street,

with sedition a weak voice on channel 4’s sub-culture of poverty or an Orrery of this & the spy gash above 

is of pure ipsissima verba

as in to really ‘cut’ on 

Broad Street seeing through the eye 

of algebra dead 

in antitheses of the communal. Golden

O excellent man, the true pattern of singular courage 

and unparalleled enterprise, whose lot it was to be obnoxious 

to fickle fortune, and suffer adversity with few intervals of prosperity!

That sepulchre Janis Dobbie eats  

off red-tapeworm sanctioned your dead son 

chink in heart of nothing 

my large analgesic lanyard 

& or bones blown

Into flag.  ended in sepulchre

for ended; smyth

for heart; ibansheth

for banisht; endeth

& to skip nave, 

screw in  & be small

& to be hard

& shuddering disincentives 

produced on him,  sod

shiftless this is known as sanctioning

faint with gestures,

in our heart of hearts 

is sedition char to work 

ended henceforth 

in alteration of 8p unchained 

to carve out

not cut but scar, &    

jotters overlap, by reducing.  away, a last

a balanced arc of firebreak 

inside a cash flow problem is 

Dominic Raab inside Dominic Raab is 

equality before law problem, 

the right to counsel problem 

& the right to a fair trial problem 

be hurting poorly targeted.  

 the rapiers of the unemployed 

& the shuddering disincentive 

that it produced inside 

Dominic Raab is O wall, O sweet, 

O O O O lovely wall, ground & mine! 

the £20 user  this is.     no bliss!     

curse again. tears, confound;

1. Death of chief wage-earner.

2. Incapacity of chief wage-earner though accident, illness or old age. 3. Chief wage-earner out of work.

4. Chronic irregularity of work.

5. Largeness of family.

Exit Moonshine.  

Friday 5 March 2021


Ogham no escutcheon

Rome ruled the skyline

refracted in a bough of drink 

cassock under dominion 

awaiting knight’s armour'd sac 

swooning sideline of red faces 

untouched heart of moss 

lichen starch & mock Tudor coda

very little Celtic blood left over

in this appanage of carraigín 

urine inside the Rose. 

Planter and the Gael suppose

I am your heart-to-heart pricked on

like a Pinhead in the wasteland 

sent pall and spoiling back for a fight 

laying in their wool milk for hours 

God and my Right cruciform on damp sand

sold outside church gates 

commemorative not symbolic

more magnificence brought low, 

and that’s why I used Ripolin!

to yr murder before Gods

sectarianism over an open fire 

all blood passes under guardianship 

langued ramrod to your peace 

lined home or rule rubble barricade

worthy of being held in its signal of kindling flame 

or shot in the face? 

O bending verge God is my right 

to stick on a Lilly and blow a 10 foot 

hole in London Stock Exchange. 

Today the British spirit surges 

10-points in share prices

all painted bucklers and plumy chests 

porpoise oil the trading floor traffic 

& environmental zone bolts 

the door inn powerhouse spoils the upper vest 

raining masonry and glass on Iveco Ford Cargo 

to the table heavy with song 

O the venerable 

pale bent memorial shape 

of natural need, hunger can be gelignite 

or 'in disgust and its opposite 

is reflected the whole of history’.


To surcoat of white silk mantle lined with red

thats yr appanage handful of little rock

to their coronet of pectins water stock 

spite handshakes & incurable claps 

within a lumen scratched on off

mucosa or vomiting in the Roman Fashion

bursting something like in your chest imagine 

resisting an ulcer of scarlet 

livery to rend tomorrow breaks

in via the garden fence

I am 12 years old. I am Dead (Draft)

We can fairly aver that a reduction of wages in the woollen manufacture would be a national blessing and advantage, and no real injury to the poor.

By this means we might keep our trade, uphold our rents,

and reform the people into the bargain.

J.Smith: Memoirs of Wool. 1747 II

 “We will do everything, work with anyone, overcome every obstacle in our path to jobs and prosperity.”

I Have Always Worked Hard. 

doglegged and handed an (e.g. human) warmth 

eat them on form-filling on 

           drill bits have you tried 


ten practical measures all to be taken


O workplace 

O my private light? not applicable 

I seek death or reasonable 

(e.g. human) warmth 

problem.  clanks.    in I am red in the face and its  

sold at augury for chase,

 while the destiny of you 

goes regrettably faint, 

was that Sit-down Peter yes

sit down  (e.g. human) warmth 

in 2008 

I was 12 years old 

inside a bin outside Lloyd’s bank 

a disbursement of omens– who broke stratagem –

who broke in 2008 

(a) strategy dead 

(a.ii) disarmament of ombudsman's

    across the land 

the plight of the unemployed, 

who desperately want a foot 

on neck firm makes sense,

observe the rules

canard into stockbroker drowned 

beneath me  an invisible toll, 

a great foil for pseudo-ironic wharfs 

pointed in Canary pleading 

with repository

with a briquette

of debating champagne

a disappearance of oligarchy.


The houseboy theme philistine competition; 

a billion at Lloyd’s. 

sticked in bits fell off or down or since 

and the hankering stops

I can think of worse ohms 

to beautify under moonlight 

Put another way,

abolished absolved 

to me belayed this ladder inside

securely chain mailed

honeycombed clap the rent sector will no one rid me?

for vespers 

bitten in tough torment 

bread-binned doglegged and handed 

(e.g. human) warmth again 

scandalmonger of

knees and elbows.

The Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development believes in nothing and hates everything

on a wrecked request 

officer knows no bounds, you know me

I ought to know or have known but as my last

sick balance emits 

O i’ve tried drill bits 

that wrecked  inside close to skin

I asked for forgiveness but 

will it be given?

ban thyself in 

fuck myself in this weir.

Venice of drains

not a single grain 

of rice left over anti-jobs

indices spring out under the whole 

data, personal, emotional

irrational pellet


There Is No Alternative 

as waste bins are caged and padlocked

food dies away from seeing 

  O, bloodworm. Surround. people

hope is better [*See also: aspiration]  

SICKLED proboscis itch

light scraped falls down in abysmal score-print

Gives The Green LIGHT. 

contained within yr contract, is section 13.5.      

reduce the burden  

going forward I dictate the bean counter the most vulnerable s(e)c(t)ion 

my existing pegged


angled inside or tacked on

to interfere with private light?

I seek death & reasonable adjustments to my workplace 


on farce o god 

o go o do o god o o o god o in

my competences are billfold.  


paranoid after it was revealed 

I am red 

in the face and its       

“understandably puffed anger” 

of (e.g. human) warmth 

headlights in a ditch body clamps tight


chamfered at the bit

  exploiter scarf, 

my sick balance too sweet for charter  

of (e.g. human) warmth 

you should be treated like a metastasising tumult 

and excised from the UK body politic. 


The burden of employment regulation in the UK has swollen six times over the last 30 years.

hangs onto

numbers my clanks.    

 fuck off

duffer.  I am red in the face and its  

a known 2008 carnation. 

spit in gale of what might have been 

and what has been 

Abolish the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

Abolish the Working Time Regulations 1998.

or to be cruel, I. I Have Always Worked Hard 

rose-leaves  don't want to speak to me 

it is their right clearing every obstacle to growth 

my tongue on ballcock itch prosperity

teeth sworn in brokers of dominium  

I am there holed in solarium 

you should be treated like 

clamps in factotum mock the augur 

how  cloudbursts have been 

and what has been new 

an invisible toll, 

guillotines for gala segments  

I do not know. 

                             Other echoes 

murderess, v-necklace in wraith speculation

  anti-fends and nattering hole stricken 

Margaret Thatcher’s graft.           No.

Margaret Thatcher’s gramophone .           No. 

Margaret Thatcher’s grace.           No.  

three yobs in Margaret Thatcher’s grain. sunk

a knuckle in 2008 undated

for 36 yobbos of (e.g. human) warmth burnt

for the most dedicated fathom,  imagine 

 – who broke the stratagem – disclosed the most ridiculous rungs that enabled em’

here was marked with gold 

of what many might consider

actual blood observe the rules. 

the chieftain callus 

in 2008 

I was 12 years old