Thursday 28 April 2022

rip the working class (draft)


Sprinkle some tonally lighter

moments at strategic pages 

&while you’re at it backing

tholse pain tings, in melamine 

Yellow plaintive 5 year chembinge 

fist in the ground, Bank of 

America proud Patron Saint ashtray

of terrified Russian fur hats

check hourly notifications, 

sign into austerity five-pointed

spitball sermon in the morning 

beat matchsticks out of your own head

fall into amygdala hijacked to line

chainmailed Complaints & Corrections

a prefatory note to the 

PMC to go back to Degenerated Worker States

members of the 1 percent rise up

& scribe swindled things 

to gentler sounding fingerdust.

RIP the working class

parlez-vous folksmart

laying aggy footmarks 

on dogsbody roughcast strung up 

to high heavens where the social pathology

of a greasy pole gets delivered

time sensitive working papers

filled in the mouths of

The Transmitted Deprivation Research Programme 

home-made casualties

made within artificial hellcaps

get wrungtrotted days on nopay 

to piss under no boss

in Jack of PLATE toxing bed,

stiffen chartered hails

come down, choir boy Chartwells 

milligram by milligram

the spithaw berries get glued

to rags with cultivar traits

the pit of the good people? 

good shovel, good holes

emulsified vain fistfuls 

sold matrixes like pills out a bough 

bract the naked seed inside your throat

a battleground lost & the skies

spark & die with zephyrs

over city interns 

burning the magic roundabout 

to teeth wet brogues

rip the working class a recruitment

agency firmament vaults all life

thrice your spine the pin-drudges

seize your heart raised to clog

medicament pall, falls out historically

& gone sudden half-day flayed firebrands

huddled in stamens scriven cold.



Thursday 21 April 2022

We Have Heard Things (draft)

In the interests of openness

bushhammered & tumble weaved 

we’re cutting back, productive forevers

& so on or transparency or

in the bin room I’ll sit forever

listen speckled enclosures of 

counter-revolutions like muted life

traps every night I close my eyes I hate speech

I inside fail & take my eyes out 

hair breaks teeth stain &

forever say the anemone covers daily 

late stealing of light burnt time

burnt property fealty chokes the supply chain

& so does violence to your spinning sacrum. 

I’m in HERA now how do you really

fail in a payspine insults hurt autumns 

of przepraszams the weary poet moves aphids forever

with ten black crescent moons under fingernails 

on a dawn reproach before a mothball drops

a backleg, a knobstick knotted scabbing spine of jelly & glue

hallowing that light is light that although you sleep 

you do not have to! 

&where do I go to bang my head? & snarl up 

lamented heart & eat scrim comrades from Islington 

no money all I want is revenge

Wednesday 20 April 2022

For Martin (draft)

 For Martin

We are in a crisis. This is Dismal Science. 

At night, a writhing glyph 

sucks your dreams, 

you don’t dream anymore because of this. 

This Dismal Science. In fact, You can't even

if you tried. Gas electricity, water  

you’ve lost your smell and taste 

respectively inaudible phone wakes

now taken by mouth twice daily

put a fiver away every month breaks

12 months you have 60 quid that's enough

for Battenberg cake.  This is Dismal Science. 

A health panic is followed by 

an economic panic. A pain in the 

heart, People stop going out, 

stop shopping 

and dramatically reduce spending. 

This has an immediate impact on cashflow.

This is also Dismal Science. 

A cashflow problem is like a hill, 

a hill you die on. But you can not die

on this hill. Without cash, businesses go bust. 

Without cash, suppliers don't get paid 

and they in turn can't pay their creditors. 

The knock-on effect will be swift. 

Tax revenue will seize up. Your hands.

Mouth, feet. In addition, businesses without cash 

can't pay their employees 

who must be laid off. 

This exacerbates the slump. This is Dismal Science. 

Unfortunately, as cashflow dries up,

those with cash will hoard it. 

Hoarding is the natural selection to panic crisis

witness what is happening right now in supermarkets. 

The same will happen with cash. 

As more and more cash disappears

from balance sheets, 

more and more cash 

will be hoarded. Listen

Listen to me, I read Government and Law, 

at the London School of Economics, in 1997 my name 

is moneyexpert you can walk my path you can wear my shoes

and be an angel too, but I know you 

and I’ll teach you how to deal with this disease 

in a different light than you did before, 

and think that you could be your own cure 

  biting and kneeling wont help

things can only get, worse they will get much worse 

like a thousand points of light through your body. 

I’m moneyexpert. That is Dismal Science.

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets (draft/unfinished)

Horde the codicil a secrete mouth drops   a gateway to block it   phone junk threshold starts Monday ropes  or orle curl life burns a hole   with nettles eat hagstone   roof them to your mouth   takes the burning souffl├ęs poison away  under moonlight cornsilk slithers wet secret,   the thrill of hunger  in the pleading of a loved one.     Hatred in a Nation   down every wall, fixture & fitting  as peeling skinheads warm-up storekeeper university   the entire, whole & perfect service dies  attached it to me like a  million-petalled flower, doors that close   now its Creepy Granny Scream  Scary Freddy play Ouija Voices Play  Escape Out Play Money Fruit Escape   to a darkened cell Green Berets in training  born sunk of blood turned white  or bone fits under keening   a death rapt funny sound   at dawn, indian red squiggles itself thru   sinuous warren shocks, I Desperado  shuddering in lapwings  a fist to waterlines inverted sing  sundrowned heart-to-heart denatured   of nationalwend flagstaff.      So start again  coughing bluff shrift your door flights   oily club peeling skins heads on PEST  law & order fetishists Social Toryism   breathing on walls, fixtures & fittings,   watch oligarchy in a flotilla, murdered out   on the dotted line , briquettes for lunch & dinner  all the air-conditioners called off   Warfares. Bricklayers. Investors.   Spade the horde at night  gentlemans biases, sidetrack the uplift   lost to gale on ancient malice phone ins   learn to eat the market failure liquid.   Treacle its normal here the piggyback gives back,   an ombudsman to flounder up like pats   in Estuary waters from the Adult Plan nil,   but a One Last Mouth cut to fend still.      The old concern raffles pure & simple,   put in quartet smelling of perishables   I love you,  Ouija Voices Play colour   iris it fobs out Middle Class Alliance,   fobs out League of Empire Loyalists & Elizabethan Party.  Warfares. Bricklayers. Investors. Antecedents   again &again