Thursday 21 April 2022

We Have Heard Things (draft)

In the interests of openness

bushhammered & tumble weaved 

we’re cutting back, productive forevers

& so on or transparency or

in the bin room I’ll sit forever

listen speckled enclosures of 

counter-revolutions like muted life

traps every night I close my eyes I hate speech

I inside fail & take my eyes out 

hair breaks teeth stain &

forever say the anemone covers daily 

late stealing of light burnt time

burnt property fealty chokes the supply chain

& so does violence to your spinning sacrum. 

I’m in HERA now how do you really

fail in a payspine insults hurt autumns 

of przepraszams the weary poet moves aphids forever

with ten black crescent moons under fingernails 

on a dawn reproach before a mothball drops

a backleg, a knobstick knotted scabbing spine of jelly & glue

hallowing that light is light that although you sleep 

you do not have to! 

&where do I go to bang my head? & snarl up 

lamented heart & eat scrim comrades from Islington 

no money all I want is revenge