Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Right and wrong
contestants switch with their
tasks answering over
      giant portable batteries
   that burn from the exit view
the arithmetic problem 
          of stardust fixed
         dead to workplace
they did however manage some
             late night shopping
      including Burger, Plant, Guitar
      Cake, Hammer, Microphone,
 Crayon, Carrot
Jukebox, Fish, Lollipop,
                 Devils trident, Golf club
   (revived version)

Jury Super-Market Sweep (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

‘You get to fantasise to 
yourself about putting 
razor blades in milkshakes’ 
as regression half 
mew in parlour for the 
disinclined history
of milk-based eugenics akimbo
it would not ultimately stray
letters from numbers
and numbers from letters
      but recur as horizons 
of possible identification 
reveling in a specific 
geographical location 
for a limited time 
to a threat of violence 
in courtyard the apex is
cenotaph fire extinguisher 
tribunal of cityscape in 
your house to bring
neighbourhood furniture 
by consent is the
British back-face mirror
coated as to watch 
from this imaginary 
equivalent structure 
that defines 
the cause of 
crime as criminal 
and that has no place for 
genealogy or a dull light 
shone on a surface of 
operation blunt
to its own dressing as this 
main target inhabits
and exemplifies commitment to 
elegised class baron pricket
gathering at the base 
of emergency situations
are soft skills in streets
deformed by the passage of traffic
which is actually a
salination of living beyond our
high-end empathy and there
will be a penalty for knocking
over the cameraman and
leaving store items wins
you 10 seconds

Friday, 31 May 2019

Heimlich Dead Cows, (SPrice) 2017

You have already applied for this Job, do you wish to apply again?

 Rolling around  
in POPS to slough 
 from distance or 
 the movement is not  
remunerated it is 
  morphed into the 
       final demand 
carved polyurethane foam 
resembles the 
 chemical reagents of home 
as expression of developing
   a mobile version of Snake
  you used to play at a burning 
 pyre where things
 are made again and 
again like reinforced end-notched
  glued laminated timber beams
 in scenic  paint it’s
 the way they see their life