Wednesday 30 January 2019

The Housing Act of 1985 (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

that silver slip we know
 the warmth invokes this
 rule above all trust to them despite
  that flag there is believed any need
 prime for the basic
acquisition the truest expansion
to date save my trees from 
polyurethane poisoning 
my food far better  bedrooms in viridian 
 we look we upward,
our necks hollow in the streets garter 
smell for euterpe the back
of the eye of it, none the hurtled dispersion
the pebbled entrapment conquer the o' 
should be a warning sign, 
of credit serape of risen value, 
the lobbed up concrete pit 
paling off the carcass 
the entire family will remain together 
so the handful of buildings 
are purposed out 
of a volume derelict version 
turn unmanageable 
parts the coping department 
has turned up in cart prisons 
everyones glory hole is hot and cold 

The Housing Act of 1985 (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

by the
 items recipient 
gained slick under the 
signature box 
in piss-soaked 
my four mothers 

The Housing Act of 1985 (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Linda loves her flat
two bedrooms,
 a neat kitchen-diner, 
a cosy living room,
 lots of light,
 a separate toilet 
and bathroom,
    and a much
 broader hallway
she could ever wish for 

The Industrial Use of Semen will Revolutionise Society (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

the child is the mistake 
no liver ceramides
in my hard house 
preening the time of 
day soft lighting losses
 whoever said no less
notice the time of day
 holds differently here over
 assets mark them out 
to bank on the harsher
 faces demeanours
 gleaned its ridges against less now
 your regained through
 the the base plate
and oft wound glowing
 the crown in their eyes
 fix up a ragged flag,
 new for old old for new

Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Housing Act of 1985 IV (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

One hundred security 
flats curiously about 
poverty architecture
where the biggest
employer is the drugs
industry which would
raise the non-toxic to
the make quickly the tufts
sickening these speaks to
benefits get off up carrot
and all the perimeter lock down
all the plenitude lost to the rocking
forever under the balcony
propitiating endearment
for a class coined off
leaper keening the incisor
to the biting viewing rights
in this big blow out
price war turning just
slightly out of the sky
get remade forever
out the hostile
tournament scrap metal

The Housing Act of 1985 IV (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)


flat down in
     to the earth 
all this time 
       at the door 
it means it 
 is not enough
outposted from the 
withered acres
 - this has been 
a crowned patrice, 
   no longer for
another barnacled 
up communal landing
sort the wrong sort
from the right

along the edge

The Housing Act of 1985 IV (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

a remnant of all
 the world's animals 
piled up out of 
town the 
injunction pledged 
a flood-hero saviour
but throws you 45 miles
out the window, 
no kids, no dogs, 
no keys, no Restoration,
no money

The Housing Act of 1985 IV (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

slum forced to 
state of ridge 
and terms of tendencies, 
a nod for whom else
 ever spoke of
 the next stage 
        all of these 
gangway piss corridors are
chaste in forewarnings,
 the breathed
 over consulting 
air of ring fenced 
  and in the heart stopp d
 in the vein gleams of
1214 stakewalled,  
the results inviting towards
      a scarcity of
any name or place

Monday 28 January 2019

body search (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

is just
    of shadow too
 snap & hope lung
 so easily the
       town fits into
 a polythene
 earth upraised
   all the cheap 
 crying jewellery  
by a molecular 
fraction & latticed in
 consumer wants from
 a social need graphed
 again to divert
the England leaving
 its catch scraps
      to eat in gratitude again
once the current
 takes to
a starving mouth
    but just then 


if you throw 
something hard enough 
against something it 
will break

Gormleys daughter (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

out the bollard, 
so brightly,
they trembled 
  twice nightly
this time indwelling
to flowers

the cornice revealed
 in burning as to liberate
 the shelter force 
passing on properties 
accumulator gated
     all around the window
 the music asunder

come in
 the cover thickens,
 around the house 
that I am dutifully 
uninvited from everyday 

Thursday 3 January 2019

Five years in a PC Club (DRAFT/ UNFINISHED)

vegetarian burgers on the right,
meat burgers on the left


This rampart 
           already assimilated in the finance
    department don't   
     you live on less 
staked out offers but it gives up 
reprieved valve 
   hamper no minister 
              in the value form would be worth less
  exempted you carry 
     since back into
nourishment sunken capital
detained the taste
     sick of old coin on
a tribune at air the rest
        of it precarious lasts
the blood marker
      being commonest
to need so to seed they are
refused to watch the house

Wednesday 2 January 2019

geniculate body of the monkey (DRAFT/ UNFINISHED)

if crest drops as soon as 
early and spoils
all over the touchline 
where they are left, 
the roof confirms 
       grass is still a licence
to barter match breaks in glass houses
          disclaimer release    fort fear by 
cost now at lipid plea 
in contracted minimum 
this scarped up block by
  heart to mean
through misery hand can
       trade attrition 
on claimant knot agree this way 
and aim to mouth 
from the top floor, 
the other hand might afford this
means dispensed as
equally as you have noticed 
to put on anvil wings rest on in 
petrified bedrooms 
it does not expiate
as allegedly common suffering allows
the exercise of crowning
unknown to them is a failure
to appreciate the total
concrete situation 
while the libertines 
are resting, or in 
the interval between 
two commands all 
the proceeds go out the window