Friday 29 November 2019

Ode to Mini (1/3) DRAFT/UNFINISHED

Slithering on a heat belt made of 
ambrosia in the corner 
is the chief whip
a chubby fingered naughty
in a truce don't call a basket or other receptacles below, 
no the large crowd predicted as usual
that there would be no significant rival claimants
all being all saying and sharing none of its DNA
in the first place so make off-white wickerwork 
like beauty in Victoriana pop and  
it toured globally for many years! HUZZAH
staged as mimes of English history in perjury 
in fields the brass wrought 
to the cub hymning back to 
an impossible sweat gland 
to lay a scent and pick up
to lay one more persistent!
is death of clique leaders 
in a collision on the A149 at Sandringham.
What are you going to do?
 Are you going to fine him?
 Are you going to put him in prison? It’s ridiculous. 
The outcome is satisfactory and his 
car runs on a crisp white wine, 
that is satisfactory and it smells
delicious through the hills.

I saw 14-year-olds carry out
hideous acts of courage
with cracked heads and things like that,
yelled at stones and trees
more brokenheads in the morning then!
they yelled at 
stones and I called God and 
the military and both came on the dot
now what the fuck are you going to 
do, I've got God and the Military 
on call whenever the fuck I want. 
The outcome is inevitable, this is 
your dirt grave. 

I said it was 
out of the ordinary standing there
but oh! the glow-stick vigil garden 
is beauty without measure and it
all started to compost, all for a seatbelt probe
eleven teddy bears walked out 
in sobbing protest the plants still 
in vigil glow followed them one by one 
all the way around Europe and back 
my love for you. The police 
and a number, withering in
Althorpe you and what fucking army 
Johnny Oddball pryo-queen nothing 
to stand on or face the full
force of law your life
this dough ball fondling 
legs just gave way to a new-style 
share platter, out the ordinary 
woke up in a bath of shit mud who's coming 
of silver shining through  
that's just the way I am
the way I was bred!

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Meet Ends

Meet Ends
Cole Denyer
22 Nov 2019 -- 11 Jan 2020

 PC Harper On a Friday night
 Eating old el Paso
 Fajitas and watching
Spiderman Homecoming on
Sky Movies curled up on an
L shaped couch with his new wife
who is wearing woolly socks
and resting her head
in his armpit deferentially

Friday 22nd of October 7pm - 10pm
 Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm

Peak Gallery
Unit 340a
Lower Ground
Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

Hard In Home Counties