Wednesday 2 January 2019

geniculate body of the monkey (DRAFT/ UNFINISHED)

if crest drops as soon as 
early and spoils
all over the touchline 
where they are left, 
the roof confirms 
       grass is still a licence
to barter match breaks in glass houses
          disclaimer release    fort fear by 
cost now at lipid plea 
in contracted minimum 
this scarped up block by
  heart to mean
through misery hand can
       trade attrition 
on claimant knot agree this way 
and aim to mouth 
from the top floor, 
the other hand might afford this
means dispensed as
equally as you have noticed 
to put on anvil wings rest on in 
petrified bedrooms 
it does not expiate
as allegedly common suffering allows
the exercise of crowning
unknown to them is a failure
to appreciate the total
concrete situation 
while the libertines 
are resting, or in 
the interval between 
two commands all 
the proceeds go out the window