Wednesday 30 January 2019

The Housing Act of 1985 (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

that silver slip we know
 the warmth invokes this
 rule above all trust to them despite
  that flag there is believed any need
 prime for the basic
acquisition the truest expansion
to date save my trees from 
polyurethane poisoning 
my food far better  bedrooms in viridian 
 we look we upward,
our necks hollow in the streets garter 
smell for euterpe the back
of the eye of it, none the hurtled dispersion
the pebbled entrapment conquer the o' 
should be a warning sign, 
of credit serape of risen value, 
the lobbed up concrete pit 
paling off the carcass 
the entire family will remain together 
so the handful of buildings 
are purposed out 
of a volume derelict version 
turn unmanageable 
parts the coping department 
has turned up in cart prisons 
everyones glory hole is hot and cold