Tuesday 12 April 2022

Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets (draft/unfinished)

Horde the codicil a secrete mouth drops   a gateway to block it   phone junk threshold starts Monday ropes  or orle curl life burns a hole   with nettles eat hagstone   roof them to your mouth   takes the burning soufflés poison away  under moonlight cornsilk slithers wet secret,   the thrill of hunger  in the pleading of a loved one.     Hatred in a Nation   down every wall, fixture & fitting  as peeling skinheads warm-up storekeeper university   the entire, whole & perfect service dies  attached it to me like a  million-petalled flower, doors that close   now its Creepy Granny Scream  Scary Freddy play Ouija Voices Play  Escape Out Play Money Fruit Escape   to a darkened cell Green Berets in training  born sunk of blood turned white  or bone fits under keening   a death rapt funny sound   at dawn, indian red squiggles itself thru   sinuous warren shocks, I Desperado  shuddering in lapwings  a fist to waterlines inverted sing  sundrowned heart-to-heart denatured   of nationalwend flagstaff.      So start again  coughing bluff shrift your door flights   oily club peeling skins heads on PEST  law & order fetishists Social Toryism   breathing on walls, fixtures & fittings,   watch oligarchy in a flotilla, murdered out   on the dotted line , briquettes for lunch & dinner  all the air-conditioners called off   Warfares. Bricklayers. Investors.   Spade the horde at night  gentlemans biases, sidetrack the uplift   lost to gale on ancient malice phone ins   learn to eat the market failure liquid.   Treacle its normal here the piggyback gives back,   an ombudsman to flounder up like pats   in Estuary waters from the Adult Plan nil,   but a One Last Mouth cut to fend still.      The old concern raffles pure & simple,   put in quartet smelling of perishables   I love you,  Ouija Voices Play colour   iris it fobs out Middle Class Alliance,   fobs out League of Empire Loyalists & Elizabethan Party.  Warfares. Bricklayers. Investors. Antecedents   again &again