Saturday 13 March 2021

Work Ethic Unchained(DRAFT)


We can fairly aver that a reduction of wages in the woollen manufacture would be a national blessing and advantage, and no real injury to the poor.

By this means we might keep our trade, uphold our rents,

and reform the people into the bargain.

J.Smith: Memoirs of Wool. 1747 II

The Integer for Fiscal Stylus has calculated that the user, 

You are foul of our estimate,  a ‘cut’  to £0. in a hole 

known as sanction through whom I see no bliss at all!

O wicked wall, fulminate mist jilted. 

mudguards. in pith. 

I woe I am to this wall's hole woe sealed 

to dangle work upon the spy gash & hunches consecrate & twist

All rime on felled sickle croaks  

up liquid.  fiscal pricks

today’s the Ocean is buried

death for garnets in pockets

 eat 5% now

to your peace kindling.

Today CSJ has built an alliance on poverty

so skiver punnets long for ouroboros 

in sepulchre eat sick off red-tapeworm. 

Known as sanction heart of nothing  

known as large analgesic of my lanyard, wrapped 

I have found myself  crannied inside a hole 8pence thick

in autogas Feud Baron Feud 

laid to rest

down the CNS you moved,


 betwixt a billfold screed.

The Working Group members 

anonymity will recover 

in your children's children's birthmarks 

as work requirements  dangle  

& out-of-work indentations remain 

to in-work indentations a pruning knife  

found compelling evidence for the idea that money earned 

through work carries more utility than money received from benefits

Mother has an Ovaltine & settles down 

she does not say the word for 

Harym, harm, as in the roadblock

cracked to a kind of twilight,

old speculative charts spotless 

made of Rose, pour in cause over

to swell up the chaff 

after too much harm 

 cleanness of spot of rose in the 

surface  a corpus stuck inside

a heretical nosedive.

Dr Stephen Brien, Nicholas Boys Smith David Godfrey James Greenbury Nicholas Hillman Sara McKee Dr Peter King Lee Rowley Debbie Scott Corin Taylor upended in the street bloodlocked downed by F-Troops 

FLS hon. caus. pecunia non olet 

beyond work there are rats carved on Haymarket Street,

with sedition a weak voice on channel 4’s sub-culture of poverty or an Orrery of this & the spy gash above 

is of pure ipsissima verba

as in to really ‘cut’ on 

Broad Street seeing through the eye 

of algebra dead 

in antitheses of the communal. Golden

O excellent man, the true pattern of singular courage 

and unparalleled enterprise, whose lot it was to be obnoxious 

to fickle fortune, and suffer adversity with few intervals of prosperity!

That sepulchre Janis Dobbie eats  

off red-tapeworm sanctioned your dead son 

chink in heart of nothing 

my large analgesic lanyard 

& or bones blown

Into flag.  ended in sepulchre

for ended; smyth

for heart; ibansheth

for banisht; endeth

& to skip nave, 

screw in  & be small

& to be hard

& shuddering disincentives 

produced on him,  sod

shiftless this is known as sanctioning

faint with gestures,

in our heart of hearts 

is sedition char to work 

ended henceforth 

in alteration of 8p unchained 

to carve out

not cut but scar, &    

jotters overlap, by reducing.  away, a last

a balanced arc of firebreak 

inside a cash flow problem is 

Dominic Raab inside Dominic Raab is 

equality before law problem, 

the right to counsel problem 

& the right to a fair trial problem 

be hurting poorly targeted.  

 the rapiers of the unemployed 

& the shuddering disincentive 

that it produced inside 

Dominic Raab is O wall, O sweet, 

O O O O lovely wall, ground & mine! 

the £20 user  this is.     no bliss!     

curse again. tears, confound;

1. Death of chief wage-earner.

2. Incapacity of chief wage-earner though accident, illness or old age. 3. Chief wage-earner out of work.

4. Chronic irregularity of work.

5. Largeness of family.

Exit Moonshine.