Sunday 25 July 2021

Sarg Yobbo VI (DRAFT)


We tell the common people that if they submit to a code of tyrannical regulations, they shall never be in want. They do submit to these regulations. They perform their part of the contract, but we do not, nay cannot perform ours and thus the poor sacrifice the valuable blessings of liberty and receive nothing that can be called an equivalent in return. 


Eating shit earth unbowed steadfast 

&red in the face its       

understandably puffed anger

of (e.g. human) warmth with salt tears

stepped onto my tongue & spread 

a slanting edge of ‘morrow 

to incise a name not mine 

O & to what many consider actual blood 

through the spy gash 

from this heart full of ire 

down a throat return’d 

my free speech betwixt us twain

arm to arm I throw my gage, 

my name alive to light itself a name 

the furthest verge of caverns gilded blame

or starlings crashing at nights black’d hymn 

our solemnities in wax disfigured it 

in your desires blood 

a single blessedness still

as I give curses to enrich 

for 36 yobbos of philharmonic pitch

sang Sarg Yobbery 808, 

of boy inverted spells yobbo

1. you are not but apart from

&unfaithed in Margaret Thatcher’s grain

2. sunk a knuckle of evils blame

end end! end life! 

end wishes greatly coming from fair ideals! 

end this dispraised mood! 

brave awake 

ere my tongue if you would know 

roughcast & strung up 

to high heavens lullaby

O for each year a year dead of wall’s chink 

in this desiccated evening sick 

upon before once my name

that you stole of lesion harelipped false &tuned 

as oath on oath of twisted faces 

became you& your tarnished places 

as to be undelivered 

o dear last night under a full moon

some nice person 

decided to smash my carwindows 

& steal a single B & W 602 speaker 

(series 3 - black),

a Technics record bag containing 

a Rotel amp 

& various cables & cds 

& my favourite green jacket

sickly spent this hateful evening 

of blood in my eye marveled a negadive

so the river filled shrubs hello

shelved air crashing to smarted circles 

mute grot spires give away to show &tell

the enemy within exculpated yobbo scum 

England dendritic cell populations 

on snake breathe so Georgian 

that rites tryst a brooding 

history of blood code

dear canary stuck tight  

you die tonight by spited numbers 

behind a coking plant is a counter-measure 

of who dares wins in pearled media blots 

out perjury ordered 

on day scrim eating GB84 

denaturalise neoliberal iterations of freedom

nolens volens undo this present ill 

we will continue to live in the daring's 

of good vs evil

of freedoms tyranny a bell rings to split 

a shortened grip less spike of this bolted body 

a nose cap in spite 

bladed lodged beside 

tears of endless bright 

hireling night impeach'd

a cosh made wraith inside 

of mainly drunken speech 

√©minence grise unsickled of life after death 

the poverty lobby galvanised me

our wet tories have their ears bent 

with stories of appalling hardship 

of other territories 

spiritual & material 

confiscating responsibility 

from the individual life 

itself unloved to die inside 

your alien subject 

you that pinhole & flayed 

itself outside my trench 

bent asunder to the freedoms succeed 

be reminded 

there will always be some who suffer misfortunes 

for which they cannot provide 

&they should be helped by 

relatives, friends, voluntary groups, 

& as a last resort of course 

by the State, 

realise of faith still violates your name 

so laid arsenic on Brook Street 

for a quiet life confiscate responsibility again

from the individual the fundamental mistake 

is to look to compulsion to do the work of freedom

cannot create what can only be created 

by individuals acting on one another 

to love miscall in sickness invade 

on questions of functions 

by taking ordinary people into your confidence,

you will create the army that you need to come,

at last, to victory as life is halted Caroline Cox 

at home do you believe in cutting sheath 

of undreamed prosperity 

O woe a bleeding heart 

cured hide skin bracken wide

I close up again the slogs of your necktie 

what is the average cost of living in the UK?

with stones wandering to &fro is junk in a orifice

drops bootstrap racked over coals 

picked to grow need & show

armfuls crossed stretched wide

to white deb lace curtain 

at boreholes to my ear alone 

say 'life' is sick

to retreat in cinquefoil rusticum jus 

steadily worse I close up 

&hide myself a torch of burning wax 

weighing two pounds gored from Broughams 

to jobless Gambeson on a dead code 

asleep in creosote is the same

where life’s hasp flares out 

of anguished indictments 

&talk of encroachments

a soulless pale of points drooping to hack 

at your bodies consumed fires 

to thrown to wind reduced to ashes

that old customs died the remaining exploding din

Sarg Yobbo, 

kiss into a stump 

within the budding grove 

of fleshes red for reds sake alone

&hopeless in thrums 

to accept them twisted through now silent

 I. I Have Always Worked Hard 

willing &at minus 

hard on burning backbone Barroness Cox, 

ascent into blood of children 

on the dawn before a mothball drops 

so unworkable bootstraped& racked over coals 

to a trickle of coded signals picked of need to grow 

a backleg, a knobstick knotted to a rattlesnake

a toad &vampire combined 

&no it is not a bad business

to have a cork-screwed soul 

or a water-logged backbone made of jelly

& glue it fares well when saved with alms 

dancing the Carmagnole for a weeks wages

on its deserting dying in smokeless power 

blithe in the Scotch mist or money in the mattress 

do it for yourself!