Sunday 10 March 2019

the saddest name (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

10 asses its name to 
some kinder order  
and the smoke goes
      hanging up graded
 condition of my landscape 
      is truly struck
 in dismal rewards
    I feel about it 
for the price of
    managed operation 
fate game it does nothing
        but purchase in the 
income of sympathy 
      to go so general to 
led through abstraction 
 which blood carriage 
burns in plastic houses 
    virgin in the 
 immaculate places further 
   out in waits, 
pulled the gardens for 
 eat the cord 
the sick hole strikes 
me over and over 
and you would think
 fortunes brace 
in what certain value 
 we are determined to do
 against the complete glint
 object it comes through the 
    hardest miscreant I kiss