Thursday 7 March 2019

At the Chelsea flower show pigs cannot serve as asymptomatic carriers (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

drive the petals into poor,
love is keening in to free pleat
having been there leat breath
            accepting with 
bearers fix the fruit land as it edits 
against the complete 
sprig coup you can- 
as all good things 
must find out
how to fillet wall
  as the thinnest stock choice 
or waiting at this 
up hedge in yours which it 
empties with us the same 
table as much wide
as earth to a good cause
interrupted into the faintest 
summit of burning runs
over the energy of metal 
as this we speak for on 
poor wraith is the road we pay 
into land your high eyelid 
 with rain compounds
footbridge rising in the amenable print 
the more favours will get on top 
from there the thinnest 
packs are cleft back opposed to faded 
scoured up nation cut inflict for 
allayed fix a report on the 
open market in
capillary break sounds impossible on a
   double-decker routemaster bus turns
first as the rain screen 
     is the siding itself from getting wet 
in a public garden
platform the remote 
choice of hate suckles 
the switch nurse fine in vacancy and 
fairings clock a fault right down 
deep to show the peel
back of the tiled debris
face into refuted tender
for each acre 
  is foot and mouth
as instrument clearing
 in honest starred lathe 
          too late too early