Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Parents are the greatest enemies of their children (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

The lineal crown
shape keeps going intravenous
and this luminary compliance
tool keeps a plaint of guiltless
hurt that pierces the sky 
when unreasonable it falls 
on a gobbet piece makes
Canary Wharf close down an office,
o’ spurned beauty look there was
insufficient time between each strike
for each strike to have been considered
carefully and for each strike 
to be considered
with relationship to the next
strike and its subsequent
achievements and hence therefore
who says stop
and yet the sky and my child
heart touches a cycle
gripping to record variations 
in wind, stop and
death are within a bi-linear 
reference frame yes but
little pangs of downward strikes
are realistically not
there to be counted, of course
it appears to be below head 
height numb with fresh reason
and less curious 
than before inertness and taking air 
under a gang profile 
what does it have to do with me? 
but the smell of coat 
to break this impasse again 
the rhythm of the strike is a 
stirring countenance in my eyes
a beauty to be beheld!