Thursday 6 February 2020

Off donkey barrows and Pearly Kings (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)

Calmly squatting on top
out of the blood passes
with a defective toy bus, the smoke
honeymoon atmosphere permeating
all the dead factories militates 
no doubt against 
the production of work 

supposedly undid in the morning
I was born dwelling 
in their landscape as they bathe across
the mews from Millionaires to Millionaires
on the telephone 
the landlord informed me sighing 
that he knew what it was.

But answered 

that in other parts of the building
comprising shops and apartments
there were very bad cases indeed
I was not unfortunately the only one
he wished I was he wished
it was only nice people with dry 
rot in them somewhere
you must take your place in the queue
beams, joists, architraves, jambs, 
window-frames, floorboards of these 
unlived-in places and simply stay there