Friday 26 May 2023

Joy long Plcuk'ed (DRAF/UNFINISHED)


O why, a wreath not made for you. 

A feeling not felt for you. & so too. 

Nice isocost in the eyrie. 

Nice reorganisation of the workplace. 

Nice green spaces.

Nice police.  

a place you go to clusters up inside

managerial techniques

a dulling ache hushed in your sacrum, a rich field

tribulated mostly in knots, 

secreted Programmes, 

the Employee Support gas to Excellence, 

to People Management, & Strong operations. 

O wrangled under its Occupational Health 

across it violence inspection narrowing 

in the eyesore, wronging the rest of the body,, 

to its work-ready & yielded example 

of laws & symbols 

& its Flexible Working Procedures 

starpaddled by blood,, the silence of our lives 

goes into enjambed frights, ribcages 

& so you concur, & clench both your fists 

for about 15 seconds, then relax them 

& feel the tension draining away 

from your arm muscles. Repeat this twice. 

Hunch your shoulders for 15 seconds & relax. 

Repeat twice. Continue the same routine with jaw 

clenching and relaxing. Finally, screw your eyes up tightly 

& relax them, feeling the tension disappear. 


there is no ‘acceptable’ level of sickness absence allowable 

turning lifeless 

& life itself discretes pliable

realignment to responsibilities, 

adequate equipment & workplace directives 

what knowingly unpinholes 

a pickering worse upon the middle ear, 

as you hear, like small bones breaking near to discipline

its forces & betterment bridles 

its head beyond future scars, Epsilons

from inflated cruelties & pathic moving missives 

the institutional surface holds closures efforts 

by rote lock plucked, unmerited joy

& how to break under it 

flexible working commitments. 

I called out your voice once Joylon, to suffer 

the opposite, a clemency pill  

a probation officers itching end

a finger,, unnamed inside dayblue swivel chairs 

to slowly combusting. 

An air gap grievance to a pay gap grievance cresting–

moral imperative, hidden uncommittables, 

at the base of a cache, another incentive,, 

a performative review, You longingly turning blue 

picked off a day bruising pill,            

   Joylon Pluck

whisperlessly encircling cold tarries

the private tethered reneges of work

& O of competencies & O of values. 

to suffer the opposite & kneel at my feet ,

 I swear not to giggle, the results are yours, you see

stuck in the middle it's inevitable 

there's no better moment of twisted clarity 

when you feel the effects  

O bounce me upon your knee 

People Management, 

Rickety roo, Rickety ree, 

Rickety roo, rickety row, 

of S.A.D kicking in two coffins of wasted bulbs

& gone social pathology under the midrange, 

where the song breathes, 

was forward but never strident 

& marched them to the left 

He marched them to the right 

He marched them all the way around 

He marched them out of sight 

to pain & poverty, of ten azure, 

that some went mad or in a fess   

Up goes you! O 

Rickety roo, Rickety ree, 

Rickety roo, rickety row, 

& O again bounce me upon your knee

Recruitment & Operations Manager, 

the mettle & nerve & 

your wooden images 

He wore them up, he wore them down 

To please the people of the town 

He wore them east, 

he wore them west 

But he never could tell 

Which he liked best! 

Building. Strong operations. sizzling in the pan 

I swear not to giggle employees relation adviser, 

Faster, faster, faster Round 

& round & round Then STOP!   

Kneel at my feet , I swear not to giggle O

When you pick up some dropped change in 

the introduction of Performance Related Pay 

pipelines previously not existing,, I'm a little cuckoo clock. 

Tick tock, tick tock, Stop! 

Every single morning Wheeee! 

hidden a remonstrated history 

of working in various sectors. me  & 

you joylon Pluck, ed to

pick or thrum as eaves begun 

to nibble & pull, a life

in the direction of—

a feeling much like our own, that we can claim together 

of this spiralling loss, 

at once & both, vicarious

you in me & me in  you 

to interim destructions, true O

so feelings stray our lasting 

breath, & inebriations twisted all but death,  

from Carnoustie High School,

moral fibre, stamina & willpower your druthers, 

splitting let me pick

& still go on to become a successful master diplomat!! 

 & to survive a crippling car accident 

& still go on, I must & on & on, from Carnoustie High School,,

& we marched them to the left 

We marched them to the right 

We marched them all the way around 

We marched them out of sight

& O again bounce me upon your knee, our knee  

Employee Relations Advisers 

Rickety roo, Rickety ree, 

Rickety roo, rickety row, 

& to stick best & screw down, 

under fiddled skin rouse, out

what health & wellbeing touts

& to be opposite,

& be Plucked, the rites of which are

under firm ploys permissions evulsed, repeated

& weeded choice, under what Occupational diseases, 

as they inflict upon your body 

Joylon, to itch & cramp your screaming

 into the order of: 

I sometimes send emails early or late

in the day but I do not expect you to respond outside

working hours. 

& inhabit that cruellest reeling, from frigid insides like lifeless foggy reasons,, or 

,:  ‘I'm very sorry how this has made you feel.’ &

that disgusting moral promising, 

a salvation in this world; its ideology so compelling:  

“Why I Am Not a Conservative,” 

A tweet chokes, the slightest mumbling joist—at sunrise 

the only harm done JOYLON, HR experts inside 

(People Management) (Rewards & Systems Manager)

&frenzied tones of words in fairness, what air provision

in your contract considered

advance notification

the disciplinary hearing

remade to provide medicine,

& or attend apprehensions, complices,

reappearances indefinitely

beating with imbroglio-heart, an excommunication

 be crammed on pavements spinelessness

to each wondered rotation under which pinpoint 

‘integrated shadowing ‘sitting with….’

whilst your skin breaks out under occupational hazards, you read:  

“Health is a state of complete physical mental

& social well-being not merely an absence of disease & infirmity” 

World Health Organization

the human resource management refers to the philosophy, policies, procedures,

& practice related to the management of people within an organisation selection,

placement, induction, transfer, promotion, demotion, termination, training

& development, layoff & retrenchment, wage & salary administration,

incentives, productivity etc

under the flowers a Joylon song, 

like a  commercial  for the Army: 

 Good Pay,  Quick Promotion,  

see  the  world. Emphatic. 

Per­suasive melodical. Triumphant, almost reassuring.

you in me & me in  you,,,  

a swirling lament,, an economic promise 

a place in history, of people & the right kind of people, 

at the right places, at the right time, 

doing things for which they are economically useful. 

In the absence of such a plan, 

it would be difficult to have the services of the right kind of people

at the right time.

you in me & me in  you you see

stuck in the middle it's inevitable 

there's no better moment of twisted clarity 

when you feel the effects  

belongs to all that is terrible—

to all that arouses dread & creeping horror; Pluck

to coincide with whatever excites to cope, joylong

lifelong, indomitability with changes 

of a special name I fear is yours, & as you see

me in you & you in me 

stuck in the middle inevitable 

like a deaths mantra, & the impossibility, 

its glom claw hooked to a dead hole, 

me in you & you in me.