Friday 19 May 2023

Easterhouse epiphany Via Dolorosa (draft/unfinished)


A bell curves from the CSJ* its fount of life,

desiccating birthhouses to rove at the sill 

with a Bobby heritability 

curling Baroness Biblica Berridge 

to a cursed gurgle: 

‘I do wish that some in the Com­munion

& in the C of E leadership would appreciate that

Conserva­tives care about poverty;

but we believe it is solved by strong families,

education, and work.’

Philippanthropie Pure with you, O 

piercing luminary of social utility 

under a tightened screw 

in family based arrangements wrought 

to be infected,, a teary Christian crosses in public 

tossing Lebensborn e.V. around the green laid paper  

a deep, white scar snakes up the underside of 

the British Religious Right 

under Companies House 

goes quiet the boat length its nautical mile streamlining 

statutory C.A.R.E & now all is forgotten, 

a voice stammering mantra:

‘the Biblical family life is highly valued, 

godly parented taught & practiced, 

where husband & wife embrace 

                            male servant leadership & joyful female submission’ 

, today's £7 million from Somerset Capital

Mike Royal.  Mike Kelly. Shaun Bailey 

White saviourism - development &missionary work

 - reaching the unsaved,,charities named after the

evangelical Christian, William Wilberforce 

- e.g. Christian Guy. 

It’s meta-knives, clicking ha'p'orth

Divine aid & its altimeter speaking in eaten roses 

& blame ailing 

the reformation of manners a child out of each sallied deficit 

in my eyes no crude surfeit, 

it is pleasing to witness 

to see asperities & roughnesses mellowing away: 

 while the subject of this happy change

experiences within, increasing measures

of comfort which diffuse around 

the genial influences of that heavenly flame 

which can thus give life, & warmth & action, 

to what had been hitherto rigid & trite, 

looks up with gratitude says: 

Goonight Bill. Goonight Lou.

Goonight May. Goonight. 

Ta ta. Goonight. Goonight.

Good night, ladies, good night,

sweet ladies, good night, good night,


A a drooping heart,, a life Special Rapporteur 

on Extreme Poverty, to be shivering at the gale? 

blanching a faithful cheek? 

under Easterhouse epiphany IDS militating 

Via Dolorosa economic promises 

the smallest injuries, & lowliness & tenderness 

to leak inside liabilities 

costed to killing the ledger our 

Heavenly Benefactor,, 

The Family Breakdown Working Group

to report a template, audible crags 

sinks through the theme of 

some transient song,, unsung 

a single name a good heart:

be beneath the gelding falls 

the closing ranks, O

silently cheeps its own mew out

finally to rend this dotage as you go 

encroaching epiphanies,

the intergenerational Montgomeries

trapped on blighted transmissions pale

legacies of boreholes weakly corked 

the Chairman of the Social Justice Policy Group 

a childe good as breaking Beveridge’s 

optimism in a petri dish 

plea-filled & bended Biblica beneath a baronetcy 

through a gap’s totality && the biological enemy, Today?

Slacking at work, 

living off the state, 

union mob rule. 

Tomorrow? O very humble, Lord Farmers 

generational pickerings 

its terrible to see furies punishing 

as they thread & thrum O

all that lived, or liked, or loved  

to thumbscrewing in dadless sermons 

mine from two past downturns 

& you come all the way to offer:

1): A child as an evangelical scalar blowpipe, concertinaed  

2): the entire service of my love

3):the Red Tape Challenge

& laid to rest; o 

in its dynamic modeling & choices made simple optimisms

to hasten into the corner of high walls, 

the blocks of flats, all those grey, blind windows,

pouring out onto the courtyard

hands clutched round chests 

eyes away from it all, up the hill

the faint light that flickers from

my flag beside the minutes of

silence, putting to shame all ‘minutes of

silence’ anywhere, at any time, under any flag.