Friday 17 June 2022

The Church, deconsecrated Hallowed All (Draft)


The Church, deconsecrated 

Hallowed All 

Sun spots like 

sky car-melting 


beams from the helpdesk

watch a city you haven't


suffered enough for 

alliterate petty flowers 


all bursting on the perimeter



berswerk go on traduced

adrenals dog whistling


15th floor air conditioned 

look at where people 


have been thrown 

stuck in compulsory preserves


solicitor surveyor Knight

Frank the wrong charting


permission think 

I should start talking again


now don't put me in vise 

you run with bureau drape its catching


slit ladders prospectus 

to skin I have no additional payments


I have only underclass collages 

which I can’t make pay


and intact for future 

starred inbreeding class


like the luxury of patience

or rose in a melting vase


you beg over budge you 

screen some decency 


and then the principles kick 

in something like all of us 


in this dream station 

of turnips raising 


through me holding 

as looping goes


the coldest parts of a body of

water breaks into fibre 


keeps a moat

vein intent look


embrasure says it

all weyface stingyed


iron darts 

on my back hillside 


had free space anyway 

its cheap


as shit for soil 

do the dentist chair at art show


afraid of loud 

temperance runaways


but they catch 

my crosstongued  


winged play

death at Penarth


& insult court 

w/ emerald tuck 


smeared of claret

rage out vinegar fumes 


then to be saved

that hole of built misery 


to be your pet

your injured dog 


little boy 

snarks on beat 


under over artificial hillocks 

with cheek kissing buildings  


people turn into shadows 

easily 100 meter ukase 


the order speaks 

of an uninjured party


dank with jambs in cove

Our Client if you require 


amendments please contact

the sender of which this is not


old chestnuts now carbon

all the more love to bromide 


in my windpipes 

anti-rot warrants in my head 


and a welt of nectar dust to 

galaxy incense 


w/ hassle blood

the most mettled heart 

is mine and mine alone