Sunday 19 June 2022

Hanging Court Finally (draft)

Hanging Court Finally 

I am 

K R I E G in disguise at night

willingly beat into myself 

  and the head breaks down 

as aided,abetted

or succored 

dam rig rage grain 

 and holes 

made to see out of 

and be forced to kiss 

an english brick of excrement 

and old garments of their order 

shame and trouble our

left disinf

o Hahahahahahahate  

so offending life 

as to be in the year of our Lord

seven hundred and twenty two notifications 

all at once the same

many wicked and evil disposed 

of persons onboarding sessions

turn to resist and not inflict 

you are drowning - or rather, being drowned add 

one to another already debriefed

in gasping and sobbing breathe 

Hampshire but why 

like discord they mire and mend

there selves my father never refuses 

he was the fastest bin man in the South of England

yes not just South London, not just even Kent 

the whole of southern England & destroyed my fathers 

defense to oral instruction to put to the test 

my imposition for not letting 

me get well

on the indefinite premises pray 

rectify this 

maim hovel 

in Estuary english name 

any hovel in estuary english

to his keepers defense and mortal coil would you

remembering suffer destory by pack 

your needle walls and hold on to

I am 

K R I E G luxury of patience 

in a melting pot 

again woefully hindered 

I am 

K R I E G drift down the stream 

the accession should be destroyed

given way to rabbits 

on the ground on surfaces or carried in air like a place 

or burial of old good things 

and then suddenly this 

and go to beachy head sometimes 

think about and 

fits several indented 

voices this absurd thinking 

trap off clothes hook 

with ripcord or in 

shallow sink with maximum water 

or my closed fist arm ripped open

and universe mouth wide. 

I should go away again 

and into mound or field 

I’m basically nothing like this 

right on the floor and with five 

voices croak or impend in throat 

like as if I am 

K R I E G there’s an old saying in Tennessee —

I know it's in Texas, 

probably in Tennessee — 

that says, fool me once, shame on 

— shame on you. 

Fool me — 

you can't get fooled again

 I don’t want to be here anymore

On Father’s Day I would like to go away 

& K R I E G a lonely, hooting word the wattle

and thwart on englands unfixing 

recompense I want to make you 

happy just a little 

before going away 

and yet, the fresh, hard ebb persists