Wednesday 22 June 2022

I am K R I E G (draft)

I am 

K R I E G where a sinkhole 

increases and gone dismantled 

blood goes in, ATM’s come out 

the history of mercury vapour

lighting greenish white 

over the Centre Management Office 

with all the broad acres flung yearly

by the Crown Estate 

run through the whole

and govern the rest 

now by forefinger unsubdued, 

throngs undismay'd

debt like ardour press 

afraid of or with bike chains, 

hammers, wires, shoes, 

belt buckles, coat hangers, 

wooden spoons, 

and bare hands

under hannibal house 

under tempest 

under napping fabrics

by firefly and waterspout 

gets destroyed secured in

,I am 

K R I E G 

stitched up 

and fastened on a stool,

draw out the end of fibres 

arc fucklight 

now wrapper-eaten; I am 

K R I E G featureless 

trees they are broken,

establish Nue Ground 

it is at the heart of what we do

eat sachet dust;

and strategic planning means 

to down One the Elephant 

break its glass 

stomp 10 times with a brick,

make into manja line, 

coated with powdered glass, 

and attempt to cut down

opposing broken pledge 

cut down bloodshift and  

 unamed, hunting 

face-to-face on retail chains 

and privatised plazas

on careful private apologies

would you reroute 

the bounds of favour 

into bags of 

discontent and fare arrows

 with solid lines representing 

statistically significant paths, 

and broken lines 

to show the nonsignificant paths

and numbers beside 

arrows show the direct

standardised path coefficients

indirect effects 

through the variables 

are explained in the Results section

live in  ‘innovative affordable housing company‘ 

ha ha. take benzo halogen 

 use path model, with scores 

of job stressors, psychological 

and physical

I'm on automation   to be wrong  stupid agencies 

and farewell these springs the Queen's-wells

 for the benefit of drinking waters

  the chalybeate  

 to unscaled alcoves 

 argued that "starved" would be a better term

go down to scullery and sit in 

form a queue  around tattered reed, go to 

welfare room crimp menial tuffs 

your mouth splinters clawed at trembling hand,

I am 

K R I E G &

K R I E G alone burning letters 

on militant ecologies 

with kindred 

to rest bloodhound 

want red on banners backwards

dread, planning of your working body

behind hidden gates bent 

in disguise & nb no hope

in sickness presence 

ctrl alt del and  

‘Live and let live.’ they say 

I say our stoolpigeons entice

cullings among enemies 

caustic thoughts as well

in the datum of probe census 

I am 

K R I E G hash for life 

under brambles and itch 

for today, life hashes

a Brief Job Stress Questionnaire 

marks you shall eat the blood of 

flow, drain, dis

charge have ramified and grown  lanyard

sore spots, and developed antipathies

e, working, constitutive 

Offices Proposed 

Awaiting demolition Closed 

Awaiting conversion Business premises 

Demolished Commercial premises Gone 

inverted into love

at the end of a night   

 to touch the intimate nerve 

I am