Thursday 16 June 2022

Hanging Court Again (draft)


Hanging Court Again

They threw down their fences, 

poles and quicksets 

turned them out of lodgings

I am 

K R I E G escaped gates and another

bound places 

after forty days to surrender 

prised up flagstones condemned to cell 

failed who spoke to them seriously 

to dangle his golden chain 

through the holes as proof

of office heads condemned took it

against door to be made for life again

or as dead mastage and chimage

raise to bait obtain cry dog 

and make in some persons 

to message again with fresh threats 

in full regalia 

or through unlocked gates 

take firewood curtailed 

have money for swearing 

my door is not open 

to appeal on a busy road 

they made people storm 

freezing lawless emergency 

K R I E G springing 

the bells a ringing by horns unto Dover

and put him in a leather boat and sent him

to Hanover 

by mercy and by shame unnaw’d 

the undoubted spawn 

is the most ridiculous sight in public places.

Under bearing on morality 

by false guardians drawn chicane in furs casuistry in 

lawn gaps as they straighten each end the cord dies

give the page I thought it very hard

pissed and fallen in carved out corner 

and ask what is Tory Humanism 

I am 

K R I E G page the word 

of death bills bribes and means of life 

of electors and diverting publics 


before the end 

I am 

K R I E G apposing interests 

lifetimes ardants and down 

to wait on compliment the corporations 

to prevent jealousies unjust reflections 

if your grace hears 

I visit some known or suspected tories 

you would not fear them converting

me but 

resolved to cut the throat of 

and not be frightened and for life 

K R I E G by patters answer me zeal

post-haste where windows scrupled to show me

their beds and their estates undisclosed

and as good as inheritance because 

Lord, I am 

K R I E G sent undead

fortified by heart and no refusal under cloud 

my pains are taken and hedges 

felled resettle to feel unwell 

and not hold tongue 

or be seiz’d again and retract number

pacify this choleric frugal management 

blunderbuss in most disputes that occur

end in mediation not legally binding but lord

I am 

K R I E G upheaval and unanimity 

of shouts and hail in flue 

through by hereby your hemlin

in midnight i turn in storm 

and break loose 

in unending dripping blood 

onto royal linens to simply talk

and say hello and discuss problems

the meaning of which can be ended 

I am not legally binding my lullaby for you, aching

bedroom to stir up in withering 

all the way backdown the drainpipe 

to the Aylesbury estate you are forgotten 

a mass of cradling pierced light

good subjects 

to be hanged before an alien crowd in the midst 

of a bank holiday 

stolen venison Family Office Club-# 

an pediment inside 

 twine to 1611, 

King James isthmus arising out of wills

trustees and oxcart 

of prophecy rumpled on  

and I will never let it go!  

never let it fall to 

 appalling sermons of misuses  

 to turn its backbone on  

the amp of shredded use values 

 or martyrdom faults

from yr true anchorage 

this sad faction.

David ‘Spotty’ Rowland is not Jeffrey Epstein. 

But he did share with the deceased &disgraced financier convicted sex offender 

a friendship with Prince Andrew,

cutlasses Rowland 

paid 40 million UK pounds 

to open a door 

he renamed Banque Havilland 

and it opened another door 

whos missions statements are 

control the yield curve DECIDE THE FUTURE 

sanctions do not work 

unless adhered to by all parties 

what matters is western perception 

the more the wrongdoing is condemned 

the more effective sanctions will be implemented 

I am 

K R I E G of chasing & gilding

in fine pieces the UK's trademark enzyme

gone to stamped lipid hologram 

emulsifying my caprice shut in merit 

shut away &gone

you did not want to hear my plea about small England

or the nasties i've watched or seen

the price of venison soars tonight 

and tastes better when well coarsed 

your name

in which a great many gentry

for the first time

constructed parks English Parks 

contiguous to their seats 

and in place of indeterminate extent 

of forests now beating the bounds

gangway I am K R I E G English Deer Parks

the custom of going a-ganging

was kept before Norman Conquest

the English Church Parish, New England 

Town or other civil division will walk the boundaries

of their locality for the purpose of 

maintaining the memory of the precise 

location of these boundaries 

and to tell children being well coursed 

and tender of fallow deer, in any case 

not unrealistic easily poaching their pales 

or high brick spoils of the hunt 

and sign in Gospel Oak and the 

clergy beseeches me of hinted brows

and unsound of mind and wretch out

and say God put down with blood 

and abolish with blood and i will

writhe my way through Richmond Park

and arson your whigs 

and of all originary causes and houses 

and clans and assets glued to you 

to be seen in all the English Deer Parks 

as venison well coursed and ready 

and do you want it, more and total and radical

than anything we could conceive of! 

I am K R I E G and I   K R I E G hard to

dukedom violently beaten and taken off to Newgate 

the site of for Histories sake and 

chase and put you in a ruinous condition

where you can see and smell grief for the first time

all over again and again 

and we will not kill you 

you will live to die 

as a universal odium 

no trial will unwill you 

springing the bells a-ringing 

by horns unto Dover no

and gift the universal credit 

of able and vigilant seeing and be 

heaven-sent an intruder of life 

and unsound of mind or something 

rotting inside 

and you under the code of law 

of undoubting of spawn will unmercy 

decline whose park it was to well protect

and how to stop and start and be rid 

of urges and refrain to health again 

as if health is to well to protect or

in the place of t e r r o r the whipping posts 

and the stocks and manorial and corporate controls 

and physical harrying and the discipline of 

low wages and starvation 

and the highest offence against property 

against things I am K R I E G