Wednesday 15 June 2022

Microsoft Team Hell Hound (draft)


Microsoft Team Hell Hound

They’ve taken the phone away

& finally installed Teams, Chat 

& videoconferencing, file storage 

& application integration a life

bowed into trig point etheric 

cables & eyes you will get internal 

& external holes all the way from inside 

to perforate alone & on the scale of 

a stone your mouth from an 

maintained box you must keep 

going on & razoring the care password its stamp call

& this information is most important

but does not reflect the actual duration of protection 

or approval to untruth of tearing. ON. & out

the chemical resistance in the workplace 

the floor which is the productive force of 

1*4malacrity wireless scanner embraced

1* 2 Wheeler Borrow stuck 

in this box, (such as: ‘big yellow box’, below a table’)

&out of view but maintain all the starred inventory levels

& all failing components,

a fist closed to work esprit de corps 

this is mission critical 101 

the causative connection is discretion 

& the rewards system tangles up 

a head, struck in nonverbal cues 

you can fix a dowse 

to the meeting, of looking 

while talking and listening, 

the frequency of glances, &patterns of fixation, 

pupil dilation, blink rate

like the teeth which hang-up in gurgles

to slither out from, beneath or down 

or to shut through crawling 

envelopes walls & the notyetwindows 

are unmonitored fingers, that nail you

and from which wishes ungrant 

a brow of work song from inside 

a Veolia bin arrange Foxgloves again

as stolen time or in blood fiated 

evasion or madrigals with their teeths

brigged like blockade itching heirlooms 

crock undergarment in free reprisal

like a vital den for fairness & demon 

bickering the powerful dewlap 

of the body.  

& then arachinards 

with images culled from silver 

poisoned breathe 

a white man turns blue 

against a soft rein of interns

a minimal pushback, squeezing 

out falling patched inches chamfer

unreality through the doors, 

keeping us open to all-

in a box mute writ spew I underpass 

songbird again inside the Veolia bin 

to rearrange bitten toxic breastplates 

damaged below the fauld 

stripped like feathers

streaming out eyes pocket by pocket 

as if it was easy to work 

place vital like denouement 

of fairness deny biff from flag

end, we have huge amounts of 

firm light to really take it all in

drink it all down& see again 

the head untwitching turned upon 

the ground to see, again vast arrangements

Foxgloves unpeeled, burnt tinctures

&Royal Navy hot pressing O god 

intend a lifetime bowed into internal

weaning from a stranded bladdered call

& embrace them all 

in botch struck ON & put out 

your sad dead jingo rat.