Wednesday 15 June 2022

Hanging Court (draft)

 Hanging Court

Speaks to me in constricted garden paradises 

on what great looms

broken eating on soul at home

with just hope that glow filled 

blood on moonbeams is yours,

so I bend plea-filled & prowl bedside

corked the Workers Revolutionary Party 

to a faceless dry-eyed squaddie 

a mad unetched intruder of love 

is bloodless & sight degrades comrades

boils a G4S Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, 

and silenced forever a harmless life 

I am 

K R I E G 

14 minutes 

open-ended sprieled 

life through the letterbox

then obscene jig in Chingford, 

portcullis mouth I am 

K R I E G 

drainpiped with ghosts

hurts there they;ve all screamed YES

prone to fraction YES i am 

in the sea salvum iam facito tu dominum

I am 

K R I E G bloated be hanged 

muttered of paper he swore 

their own lives to gaol 

signed at top and counter-signed at bottom

pleased servant at Power’s gate beset in heath 

seizure by sleepless want 

all the flowers unbend his care 

 and threatened to burn the house down

and kill to cry dog 

and make in some persons 

to message again with fresh threats

 and force to goe land disguised 

in the message of destruction 

laid out your night 

I am 

K R I E G punishment 

and hasted to look over chastes 

armed and in disguise in eyre 

fall into vermin traps

were in ruin and hay ricks 

K R I E G turf cutting 

be wound up; and it was 

in the woods and waste 

exposed to attack 

dissolved local lords of manors 

and park owners

cut turf here 

sits smiling on the plains 

and peace and plenty tell so many 

celebrated the mild regiment 

i sting here K R I E G

in settled bards 

hits the eye want 

its curbing offenses  

keep smiling on plain 

I am 

K R I E G 

drift down the stream 

the accession should be destroyed

given way to rabbits 

become common 

of trees and contagious 

land leaving 

for encroachments 

for unlicensed building 

for fences too high 

drawing off let us look 

at this forest once again

in peats sold outside hanging court

a few gentry 

and it was and had been

privately owned 

cut down 

I am 

K R I E G no future 

takes oath but underhand after gramme 

made sentences and judgements of 

penalties i have hardly had a quiet night

but here knee bent and doubled over 

on corked white wine I surrender 


what blue made of keep and 

I am 

K R I E G dead 

of witnesses look’d for reprieve 

if he’d consider to repent 

so as to save his soul from ruin & 

once hanging days blood thins 

their own country infest the road

dead I am