Tuesday 23 February 2021

No Other Country is so Favoured as This Country (draft/unfinished)


Look downpour, swindle a zealot to bearskin;

a blowtorch to sing this bondage clip 

on a high end scourge 

or never leaving the house

to credo at every structure hollowed out

tsars child eyes 

dropped on militia fur remember 

as in the true solemnities

to keep on heaven’s doorstep? red

hedges beget all think-tanks

again how to lose a heartbeat bolstered 

by its own firebrands or prep an armament 

against the sybarite vanguard 

dozing fist-grip hear us, O hear us 

earldom to sightseeing tear-jerkers 

in a job’s sickness the daze insurgency

imagine down the rockery on pink gravel 

the Workday and music of our promotions, 

4 days not thresholds in the thunderclouds may
awaken us to off-licences; lay like pigs

all filed in by the X Gen idler.


Take panacea soliloquy, snigger or the plughole 

look have you forgot my last relic: to think 

we’d never met a fugitive of lullabies

yr pamphleting to an evening standard 

night demonstration the rain curtain 

of pinnace over-wrought; 

another battleground ‘lost’ 

to fanfare subsections inter-wash, 

off academic, database and the debtor; 

thoraxes which Parishes 

so long fed 

golden saps and cuffed dewy streams 

a tombola for heart impersonally, 

just like a stranger and what is hopeless work, 

Doctor Philosophiae? 

silk linings and sincerity hooks arson on reed, thatch the pockmarks 

off fuck ems icily placed in a sublime dustpan! 

too late 

place their neigh bits of nothing spine 

inside a stitch up weather borne eat bark again 

humbly pleading! 

in a sprawling housing estate somewhere 

there's nothing patrician about those sounds! 

or a complexion lost selling solemn 

days tiny, iterant, unresolved on steps 

yr stick figures heartland smiled back 

inside a cruel path the 15th floor remember 

crowding nice everything is getting shorter 

now look down see this iconographic 

morphology has been typologically made concrete

they stand, forming now 

in each known land 

what daffodils of our system!