Thursday 25 February 2021

I Have Always Worked Hard (DRAFT)

Homily almshouse on the inside scar, 

after it was revealed yr universal credit notice 

I was made bitten in tougher torment bread-bin, 

was handed an (e.g. human) warmth 

the symmetry of experiences that scandalmonger 

that wrecked request 

officer  knows no bounds, you know me

I ought to know or have known but

O i’ve tried drill bits 

that wrecked  inside I asked for forgiveness but will it be

given I have received my criminal charge and would like  the moonlight serenade as my last

sick balance,  had caused “great stress” 

of (e.g. human) warmth 

their debating rightly 'not allowed'

ban thyself in 

fuck myself in this weir. 

I am ashamed and humiliated and I apologise

to interfere with my lifespan?

have you tried drill bits 

we could possibly eat them at night under 


I loved Love itself and what of its lighter fluid 

allowing the secretions 

on my fanlight my existing pegged

heartland problem.  clanks.    have faced alloys and crony angled inside me or tacked on

to interfere with my private light? None 

I seek death & reasonable adjustments to my workplace immediately P.M

paranoid after it was revealed 

I am red in the face and its       

“understandably puffed anger” 

of (e.g. human) warmth 

coward spit on the hay a 

fake letter to MPs’ my teeth ache 

solitarily at night 

I ponder over my rented rostrum

my headlights in a ditch 

to my workplace to my mums house 

clap the sector pay honeycomb alteration 

on farce o god 

o go o do o god o o o god o in

my competences are a billfold.  


MPs’ exploiter scarf, that came to symbolise

my sick balance, 

of (e.g. human) warmth 

hang onto secretions of honed alphabet

numbers my existing heartland problem.  clanks.    

Have you tried drill bits 

we could possibly eat them to my workplace 

my private light? None 

I seek death or reasonable 

(e.g. human) warmth 

problem.  clanks.     I am red in the face and its  

sold at augury for chase, while the destiny of you goes regrettably faint, 

was that Sit-down Peter 

sit down  (e.g. human) warmth 

never liked  ducks. fuck off

duffer.   much liked in Westminster,          always scrupulously always observed the rules.    a mesh bantam; a disappearance of oligarchy, houseboy, theme, philistine and verruca competition; a billion at Lloyd’s. I have bled out at my workplace 

a knowledge in 2008 a carnation. 

Margaret Thatcher’s graft.           No.

Margaret Thatcher’s gramophone .           No. 

Margaret Thatcher’s grace.           No. 

three yobs in Margaret Thatcher’s grain. 

a knuckle in 2008 undated

for 36 yobbos of (e.g. human) warmth 

the most dedicated fathom,  imagine 

 – who broke the stratagem – disclosed the most ridiculous rungs that enabled him

here and was marked with gold of what many might consider

actual blood observed the rules. 

the chieftain callus 

in 2008 

I was 12 years old 

inside a bin at Lloyd’s a disbursement of omens– who broke the strategy – 

I never was liked by the ducks in 2008 

I was dead a disarmer of ombudsman, in Canary Wharf pleading 

with a briquette to facilitate accountability for the bits that fell off or down or since 

inside with a repository of their debating champagne. 

And, like the hankering I can think of worse ohms  to beautify eat them at night under the moonlight my phone explodes in my ear I always knew I thought it would do eat my medication to clap the rent sector honeycomb I live in

I am very proud to have been a memorial of paroxysm

and I go back to myself in a boys toilet 

on CCTV kicking in the shit tile-work 

and understood in 2008 what it all might mean

what was in fact yr fate and yr inevitability its

rictus inborn inside you inside yr nerve work

ends and just surviving a wrought-irrelevancy firmament would be nice.