Wednesday 17 February 2021

HOW TO LOSE (very early draft/unfinished)


We can fairly aver that a reduction of wages in the woollen manufacture would be a national blessing and advantage, and no real injury to the poor.

By this means we might keep our trade, uphold our rents,

and reform the people into the bargain.

J.Smith: Memoirs of Wool. 1747 II

Hope is better 

[*See also: aspiration]

in a petri dish   //  as you go beneath 

it hold this clemency

hold this bargaining zilch you are neatly

weak kneed fail upon inside through gap’s totality 

and into an improperly constructed  

poorhouse made from seeing 

as I am there

ofF SICKLED proboscis     

going forward I 

dictate the bean counter  

not a single grain of rice left

showing initiative* when under pressure 

courtlier like baskets, leather bags, or cloth sacks 

a candle tied to forehead

light scraped 

the ongoing deteriorated mental resilience

as ones timetable falls down into abysmal score-print


                                                                       Green LIGHT.  contained within your contract, section 13.5.    

blood sank in report template 

hurriedly our brain can't function our teeth complain 

the whole data, personal, emotional

in irrational pellets


There Is No Alternative

as waste bins are caged and padlocked. food dies away 

slip there is scarcity,

while at the same time there is no limit 

  O, bloodworm. Surround. people

 there is space freeable around the hole 

clench both your fists for

15 seconds, then relax them

feel the tension draining away 

nails retreat on a daily basis

this thrice hunch your shoulders back 

15 seconds and relax repeat and continue 

the routine with jaw clenched and relaxing 

finally screw your eyes up tightly inside and

feeling the tension pop goes the rule of law

your eyes up tightly

disappear defect, also known as ‘need’

today I am not sick in the clearing of 

hornets and the passing of trade

today I limp back inside sequinned curtains 

and shade property rights.      

going forward I say Eyes must be fed

showing initiative* Atos Doctors 

croustade inside no substructure.