Wednesday 17 April 2024

Zuirch 2016 (draft/unfinished)


A most insatiable covetousness, divided that among themselves with which all the rest might have been well supplied, are far from that happiness that is enjoyed among the Utopians; for the use as well as the desire of money being extinguished. 

Thomas More 

Zurich behind a rust packet 

my cacodylic eye spent 

collapsed to turbulent 

tectonics of bumps, 

kidney shaped abscesses

curling black lids fading shells

exploding firebox all screws 

& bolts dead 227 figures 

meant for Linz Entartete 

Tyrol locks Germania 

in a thousand springs 

on Bahnhofstrasse 

unconditional Basic Income

scolded Schlaraffenland 

underneath the light there is always

intervening on the ground 

under the pie-tree

so filched another rent rising 

to clear pales dapple-greys 

all but rain between the buildings & 

you settle wet wrapt’d churning 

this sodden silent aperture

on tumuli Blancpain ditch of frogs little accelerators 

for new virtues 

the waking harborage 

of masseuse chairs in Hauptbahnhof 

are actual police hidden between 

proxy codes wire to wire 

the noises it makes

living pissed out communiques

the doctrine & filigrees 

of your finest truffles 

from Kernzone buried in Heimplatz, 

guarded by probers

secrets wrapped in amice rust 

& muted song bedsporned 

this cultus of medicine 

is cruel paste trespassing 

reuptakes & so I go again 

into this suffering city.