Friday 19 April 2024

England, England (draft/unfinished)


Class distinctions in England have always been a matter of higher feeling than national honour, the matter of a feverish but very private debate. 

Evelyn Waugh

Painted pink from pole to pole 

the oubliette Drop City 

boardroom stilts accidental vistas 

shuttering on The Boom’s last word

ideas for a footbridge abiding Glencores

greenwashing & the final Fatal Tree

is made from copper-nickel alloy

bling encased for sheer profligacy, 

enclaves glottalling Long gelded

estuary unfencibles

for king’s head 

to keep the land inviolate

the yob-ends natter

plant life cubic grey

& over-reach of imperium

in open lapwing 

wet asphalt as it beautifies out 

all the quiet zones 

from faces on the job search 

for a hope bigger than a boxed in visage

you bend to gapping stars 

that rime goes opaque in

air of ruckling counterpanes 

to rent-off this mortised rim 

the city allies

peels away under Leadenhall

antiquated think-tanks welch

a Union Jack on piled biscuit tins,  

from Cherry-Garden a last sigh of

mobbed lettings nothing much 

left now but a saturnalia bough 

as high as uninhabitable 

zoned backward 

& The London Plan 

where are my eyes  

bending the secret parts of us

faces turned grey ‘no-fault’ evictions 

under section 21  

‘I just want my property back’, 

on this laissez-faire 

bonfire night opportunity area digs 

itself rond-points; overwork death

in royal parks surviving 

a tortured lie link by link 

jerked star-draught bewitching 

the stimulus lament, 

pale white ash 

around this husked 

perimeter of wework 

mystagogy Aviation house 

the of downdraught 

a horizon keysteps from

cotched bramble heads

still gripping the lamina 

of sinecures 

reading what little legal entitlement 

of this unleavened cake we have,

squeezing the plughole  

pauperism soliloquy 

you have been forgotten 

In a One Nation Britain

washed hollow lob

rentiers breathe shrill

over a culture of dependency 

shitflickers & the phenomenon of humanisation –  

nightfall ambuscade

tangled in the rigging 

of it is widely flown ownership 

a stand-alone flag 

shielding acrid vexillum 

morphology made concrete

they stand forming now 

all the while my heart undoes

nap-pods in the dark vertical gardens 

remember County Hall scoured to Shrekworld 

remember countermanding last minute 

memos remember the viewing corridors 

& its rare indivisible Lightshard

bilging over capital

panorama risoed until a dim flicker

 a termination of hope 

hybrid glass hill-edged,

jack-spiked brownfields again.