Sunday 3 March 2024

Code Judiciaire (draft/unfinished)

Monarchical law needs: arrow slit

crenellated white-stone 

the finest grain of social body

freedom panorama in palm's breadth 

chevrons & ziggurats

one of God's creatures

ragged over stone instead of brick 

star shaped King Pest cross-plained

in the forest of plastic receipts 

while cabbage civilisation exists 

under Atomium

What vast marshes of dog shit? 

at night under numbstands 

a cestus of starres from inspector's lodge

beautiful as a safe 

by means of pipes quartermaster 

carceral city, small theatres 

of tortures, dotted with wheels, 

gibbets, gallows, pillories;

The European Councils 

soulless eurocrates seek to introduce 

a standard European bottle 

holding a miserable 70 centiliters, 

robbing life of charm 

& subjecting it to the economic man

gone French in Beer world, 

curry leicht scharf paired to Ultra-Luxe

more six grain & I’ll live forever

off the eldest child, Leopold 

Heer copse to sunn blonde 

this rich Alpha global city 

frenulum pressed to lintel