Thursday 29 February 2024

Given Way to Rabbits (draft)

From the home counties to the ‘Red Wall’, 

Cornish riviera to Teesside marina 

the accession should be destroyed

given way to rabbits. 


Centrepoint broke by downdraft 

where the fountains were 

removed The Concrete Society 

gone underground brand engagement 

platforms annulled basking spots 

in the Outernet incopads gauze 

Tricorn blood makes no noise 

Paco Rabanne 1 Million walk-in JumboLand

Air Conditioned Nightmare,

where I ate your withered tie 

with Amarone & vetched Gillespies 

poured poppies down my briefs 

at the Naval & Military Club 

Long Bar sangfroid bombed 

as transmetropolitan Pink Gin 

runs out my mouth welt,, the cities shoulder 

wends to my cotched head

henbanes to tree-lines.   

British Transport Police Mosaics 

cerulean Amytheus cut vitrified 

ceramics nerve city quarter peals away 

in empty Quaver packets of Bloomberg’s pantry 

namelorn quiltpoisons RP’d in catarrh gilets

a breadcrumb trail laid across Moorfields 

in the arms of business 

& Sixtus Dominic Bonifaces

would hold the annual coconuts shy 

on the bowls pitch 

all would be burning 

the European Maritime Safety Agency 

manifesto proud as Judges which live on fire. 

Loitering air piss sunk like ancient corners 

flint parsed national jeremiads, you surrender

ghost-catching spectres & occult thievery 

on the premises of the Federationist League 

fugued signs of stolen municipal chairs

extracted the critical fronds around themselves 

framed wet-winged broods 

on bin-bags the living raking thin 

low resolution mirrors 

thresholds injured slow curdle 

the starlings of newly widened centre arches 

& pavement of City Roads its agoraphobia, 

forged the inmost epistle flax, shareholders children 

watch as they start carving up 

the Ossulton Estate double-helix 

crick shaped, the function room into flats

& 275 tonnes of  Westmorland Green slate

painted Vanta black.