Thursday 25 January 2024

Paternoster Square (draft/unfinished)


Paternoster Square 

this small & weak dreaming field 

background to work 

New Classical macroeconomics 

New Classical tiny glass beads

new satin finish

logscales peerless white limestone 

of chlorine ducts or some flaming urn 

& no drinking water, a sabre of light

filigree lightness is anodyne 

& as low as possible 

over the tidal Thames

these decoy vents feed you air, 

off seed cathedrals & noon-marked 

monocoques hollowed dusks 

developments in the wreck 

of our anti-ferrules 

get scratched inside 

the wet paper brain 

Werkstatt from the swilling 

ideas engine’ Stanhope PLC 

a field of glass, windswept Thomas

,, your mother’s bead expertise, voluminous

seeing futuristic housing prototypes 

in Milton Keynes &

 yet the Workplace Mediation Specialist 

hangs a heavy chain over my heart  

your team knows why 

& takes my eyes out 

at the Construction Expo 

Five Angel Heads Comprise,

the biosphere & how to die in it? 

sitting on the 

laver of eclipsed arches 

all human malevolence 

is planned orange light 

porphyry stone stand on the backs 

it’s meaningless orange light 

porphyry stone & the loggia curls quiet 

out composite social bowels 

typology bonded & elevated again, 

cleaned spurriers to mercer yoke

& no passage for foot 

in the shadow of the new Cathedral

the paying metronauts 

‘I came here to swim

in the highest pool in Europe’ 

& they’ll be back again tomorrow 

austerities plugging in the wren 

bind a blue midnight tabulation 

spitting concrete out 

the drills,

the controlled explosions,

the corporation 

of wedded nodes, diminutions 

& you eat them in the Giant Needery

a warning amputated, 

little britain with wards tested gladi/haemophilia + binos 

if it's the same kind 

you twist in become a new kind: 

of secure evening golden hour

come here to soft barriers checkpoints 

this local cluster bowed through again

draped in black velvet 

above winged griffin ramps 

monuments a ‘place-making representation’ 

a silver trowel depositing 

coins inside & you soon forget 

skin skeleton hanging out 

What do you think about this power dynamic?

What makes this local cluster ‘stick’?

What has contributed to the failures? 

What could be interesting to investigate

about this ‘local’ cluster?

the shallow end of Bullism

in your head Nomura 

& Merrill Securities metals

King Charles III, finds it pleasing

sucking in and out of itself

heritage markers 

now shaped into a grab-rail 

to come to terms with the view.