Friday 20 October 2023

'The Blessing of Tony Blair' (DRAFT/UNFINISHED)


Another hone on taste,

parades red fusses & the monks poise

PMC dayblue turn trite manifestos

we can’t read at the Ability Grouping table

enfranchising the future society 

in logscales & falling levity 

all things are big & bright

you can see from the fading 

market share friendships ruck with 

gelded hellscape, raked consignments 

or, at best, a child's gusset that curses leaven

look around Walter Mitties in the 

chapbooks again marshaled 

coterie square of brackets

the fanlight a slogan to you & I  

the kinder noughties phishing 

'The Blessing of Tony Blair'
this hallowed lob light against you
whose proud eyes watched
broken piling the last stars paled.