Tuesday 24 October 2023



A lamprey burns in the street

teethform a moonflower to monk poise

under rainchoked doorways

eyes that win against my skin

licking itches by themselves

a sacraments of mood stabilisers 

I decline again

& still not die

but eat the thorn

everyday alone, the thorn

on my tongue laying in my throat 

sacrum pierced bloodflows

like a heavy body towed

& to be made a mouth

of humiliations stone,

in pockets of sucking hates

to spygashed windows smeared the cracks

with my black sand

inside a Samaritans phone box 

what is the passion of the footsoldier?

in your trenches? what ends are you seeking

phosphorous from beer piss

to the consistency of Honey

that glows in the dark?

leave it in greyest of clemencies 

imploring inkhorned copyists again

to make for strength of guava,

vanguards on the rocks

from cloisters to Sussex Downs, 

its genial line crashing out the Odd

today gets buried 

inside a cloud of seditious lines 

anemone covered lysol rimes

as rosewood calf leathers kick me

down this gangway job pissed town

it's yours in a sports bag ta ta