Thursday 26 October 2023

CBUS (darft) mort pour la patrie



In Buckeye plain endowment patio 

is on fire in this nether Hell

unbar planar stretches from Shrum Mound

to steel gavel the largest in the world, apparently

the law underlight schisms 

Silver Drive Kentucky Bluegrasses

alone to spelling & unspelling

new Euclids.

Irish blood stuck on Gingham plastic tablecloths

closed for to-night

so roll up on goldenrods with Black-eyed Susans 

& the rust on toolheaded river beds,

stealing garden chairs for only God knows why

my best slacks are in a dustbin bag 

& I sleep on Duckfeather mildewing Winters.

Cardboard box house blackiced

Octogenarians outside Giant Eagle dead

or sprawled in Dirty Dungarees

schizoided sat at the bar don't drink

talk to washing machines in red-grey tinsel

instead how Gun Envy stokes

the New Catholic Church.  

Cbus trails camhead of hazed children 

into a nigh vision touching nub-end

la mort pour la patrie of High-Capacity

this JumboLand Air Conditioned Nightmare

slips caves of iceboxed ribbons in

Red, White & Blue.

What of protections magazine

like property in life blood 

from air in Clorox Pine Sol® 

to clean the tops of Mama's Pasta & Brew

watch whos snuffed it from first 

a flag the Mandalay Bay Hotel

Hell is Real its sickly golden trickle

says so. 

Walk back in daylight to an empty room,

toxinjuice with mixtempers

but Laguna Beach lawning starres

raise a thirst, pourer Phil deartháir

my ampersand every time I ring

we are poorer still

w/ you making guacamole 

in Graveyard tilth &

me making the most of my humifaction.