Monday 19 September 2022

Pour T. & Rector Powder blinds (draft/unfinished)


Chaim Poju This Rector Powder 

wows cold hard to the nose

of economic retribution X

courses & the books left

pc accuse moi abscond

vulnerable industrial ghosts

in pits stream

Boss Viva V8 Series 

I need 'Quick Release' Crevice Tool 

inside green envy call out evils 

the dust locks the poor door in pigeon wire

makes everyone co-conspire 

to liberate Africa, Korea

Cuba & Egypt too

Poju Rector purchases 

Rhodesian Marxist-Leninist posters 

for 30 UNICEF Child Friendly Ambassadors

aged 11-16yrs in the city of Chorazin,

snapping fingers

the melting pot broils 

some infinity pool of future patrons

on the ground of great cultural foundations

you sing aloud

reverse image in IAE.

The Rector Powder its rooftop is alive

its pool lounge bar, gym

its Cowshed spa its Final Boss

that spirited lubrican charms 

in a wrong circle, 

to reach each participant’s home 

black umdala 

of high dividends

yielding equities  

a martinet scrotum

white as a clubmens stiff

Zimbabwe & Hypocrisy in the Art World

name the coins 

this minicab is mine.