Tuesday 13 September 2022

Microsoft Teams Hell (draft)

 Microsoft Teams Hell 

They’ve taken the phone away

& finally installed Teams, Chat 

& videoconferencing, file storage 

& application integration a life

bowed into a trig point etheric 

& mine are made of cables 

& eyes that get internal 

alone on the scale of management 

a stone in your mouth from an 

maintained box you must keep 

going on the care password is stamp call

& this information is most important

but does not reflect the actual duration of protection 

or approval to untruth of tearing on & out

the chemical resistance in of the workplace is 


the floor which is the place force breaks onto 

 4 metre alacrity wireless scanner 

are to be embraced

but to maintain all starred inventory levels

& all failing components,

as a fist closes to work 

esprit de corps 

this is mission critical,, the causative connection is discretion 

& the rewards system tangle up 

inside a head, strike in nonverbal cues 

to the meeting of looking & 

the frequency of glances 

& patterns of fixation, 


as in pupil dilation, blink rate 

teeth which hang-up in gurgles

to slither out from, beneath or down 

or to shut through crawling 

envelopes walls & the notyetwindows 

are unmonitored fingers, that nail you

from which wishes ungrant a brow of worksong 

Inside from out the Veolia bin lures 

our said things are meaningful but 

more to become stolen time or in bloodthick 

fiated evasions, as if madrigals brigged 

like blockades 

you love what you do 

remembering the floors 

have absolutely no cracks

where a sinkhole increases daily

touching to pass the history of dispassion

under mercury vapour light 

greenish white over the Centre Management Office 

peeled out the arachinards of the body

from silver poisoned breathe the words

a Brief Job Stress Questionnaire 

I hash for life 

under brambles churn up bike chains, 

hammers, beautiful wires, 

people, shoes & in afterglow stilled

with this loot to ban in the welfare room

of no hope your body

in sickness presence 

is turned up ctrl alt del 

a path model n.b 

this variable  

is explained in the Results Section: 

arrows with solid lines represent 

the statistically significant paths, 

and broken lines to show 

the nonsignificant paths.’

in failed colours no kindred place 

behind gates ramified lanyard 

grows skin to concrete  

in sore spots developing 

antipathies to life working 

constitutive company directives 

are imperative to this scattergraph 

here fading through 

mute phone my union rep 

sing Josh Grobin’s incarnation  

of You Raise Me Up  

a Hymn shared, gave thanks 

There For You 

in declined hardship 

to bitten toxics 

the daily motions repeated

on business premises 

touch in on alacrity wireless scanner 

around the intimate nerve 

the caseworker who triaged you

as a priority stage 3, 

at the end of night 

Hymn went away 


Bloodfiled fingertips 

the scattergraphs biff to company flag

weaning into a stranded call 

as one totality one massive high-quality, 

loyal, fun, goal-orientated 

finality at the break of day 

refrained to ask

What are you glued to today?

the outside clamor tells me 

you can grow concrete, 

if you try as I break under the line 

that was mine in breath 

struck your sad dead jingo rat 

now are you stuck? inside 

a glue thin eternity 

awakening at the brimming 

growth of a New Town 

via an undeveloped country lane 

grown bigger & brighter between 

trees & shrubbery 

the songbird stilled inside 

desperately where lugfails v-shaped 

Société Anonyme hived-off starbursts 

as tetches leaking into pigeon-holes 

doorframes some unison

branch & intumescent names

sit in chairs sealed persons 

carpeted to bossed chains under communiqués

are anti-fending life 

as the immediate Hymn goes away