Friday 8 July 2022

Remmesgate (ii) draft


Everything is 5 minutes 41 seconds

faster on Jacob's ladder 

the anti-piss stones 

marshal you down 

where you find 

in macadamed light 

Marx on a beach 

on Ramsgate sands,  

from the Plains of Waterloo

'During an interspace 

of silenced tone, 

with the single word: 'Struggle.'

international class hotel: the 

Granville, overlooking the sea 

a Trans-Europa ferry

registered as My Lucky Star 

is sold for scrap, 

hornwracked the moss animal 

bryozoan, and some stone jetties 

stretch out to the North Sea

which is yellowish today 

under dawns early light

you gave up with old red eyes

zen the lily pink american reds. 

Pig Alley with its narrow passageways 

remembering Pugin 

the disjointed frames 

divided into flats 

of lost symmetry in English house,

leaking a diet of worms 

in the year of our lord 

one thousand five hundred 

and twenty one 

each house had a private entrance 

by the teak staircase  

not for being limbless 

on benches and poverty wages 

the lark was singing 

near Albion Gardens 

"In memory of," dry rot 

in our basement flat 

Boron powder dissolved

in water on Liverpool Lawn 

the forgotten Augusta Steps,

now gnarled amber roots 

on tinder boards 

where the grain barge 

headed for Hudsons mill

about 50 years ago

the landlord said.