Monday 27 June 2022

Potters Bar (draft) (1/3)


Signal passed at danger

Hatfield to Kings Cross

and gael time locks

a Theologian, 

at 45 degree resurrection

from the bridge 

over Darkes Lane

the masonry falls again

where the cypress ferns 

empties glint,

over mock tudor cul-de-sacs 

it's for the children's sake

like mud mounds or butter fields

under pylons, there 

are Blakean children under the

London Orbital

its ceiling concrete

to runic prophecies 

and walking is virtue 

would go to the garden

city for ginger 

and irish soda bread 

like ancient drovers’ tracks, 

the sprawl of london

where the unicorn wears a crown 

of moss and gets buried 

along the whole 127 Mile  

city turned inside-out

and salvage at least one cobbled hill

still twisting about a living good

humming on You. and come clean 

in thrashes the whole 127 Mile

watch rats on mutton lane, 

beneath your shoes pillboxes 

grey cement gnomes 

in the morning outside 

The Umbanda Temple 

behind a St. George flag configured into

popcorn, cigarettes and hard cider

the spirit of The Green Man 

is by VPS security