Tuesday 28 June 2022

Groundscraper HQ (draft)

Groundscraper HQ

I am 

K R I E G 


on rainwater irrigation system 

disordered a habitat of bats and birds

and now fallen through 

the future hybridisation of work 

is, 0's – ticked through air morgues 

 mutter in synthetic turf 

of Teletubbyland, 

starred out tiara on 

      the head of this fabulous city,

is a wellness centre  

straits over cut

grown concrete

and the topping out ceremony 

finishes silicon roundabouts  

mastice retreats in verdant solution 

a crying dreadnought 

 something like xenophobia

 gently slowing the body 

into a rut 

as a slurry of mud water comes over 

the civic-minded metropolitan landscrap

curls then pulls away 

snaps through my heart!

and disappears from the skies 

to HQ Mountain View.

For a future data centre, even closer

to sunlight that was never built 

dug from hills

there is no fog 

in Therapeutic eurythmy


if I was you, I would not smile 

at present situations 


K R I E G the terms and conditions 

a red triangle which are ills upon you

and to feeling unsafe 

ARGENT held tight despite

old inward chuckling 

bright over glass breaks light 

and the corners become shallow 

and the face is a future data centre 

and its needle wire clanks 


of heavenly bodies, and the moon

of metal, silvered  I am 

K R I E G reversed life

in flora I frequent my line of interest

there are countless tales of people 

merely wishing to take photographs 

being hassled by uniformed goons 

in ostensible public space, 

the terms and conditions are

again headbangers 

solidifying into architecture.

Under rainbowed statistics 

devouring smoke-plumed servers

hung by crook’d 

 bridled tubing; my heart 

and the sleek sickly 

privatisation nap-pods  

frozen inside is the past, 

but now we

the young and strong optimisers

pitilessly remark 

your broken bodies! 

into heads a jubilee of seeing them 

crouched doglike in the atrium 

light up your headboards!

erect sun on the vein of worry

hurt the timeserver 

a millennial glove bleaches white 

as strong and sane, 

acceleration no handbrakes 

 in the sickroom lamplight 

through glen perishing eyelashes 


K R I E G liquid soap 

services of exposed breathe

key change to hide

amongst viaducts 

as the only sense of freedom 

in pause areas 

get actionable 

forfeit the glass dewdrop fabrics 

in defiance to the stars.