Wednesday 16 March 2022

Michael Richard Weatherley now dead (draft/final)


Michael Richard Weatherley now dead

 5 years ago, on the day of…….. , in the county of……….... , 

maliciously damaged an oak tree there growing 

knocked the maximum sentence or 

cordoned scrap my die-sinker I say sorry

you revel in & imbibe the venal breads 

the plans are ready 

& the builders fingers itch deathcharts 

on a Sirius rising to a wretched request  

as it foils your cavity barrier

crowning a civis of pulped Celotex.


Paradice Kingspan lawfully by finger blocks 

grille to purge pavements in your hidden walls are

 [illegible] [illegible] who recorded the sentence of death  

& now they thought to benefit by their own wrong: calling upon the House to screen them from the consequences of their late violations of the law, merely, as they stated, because they had been protected from such consequences before! 

on a narrow purge panel open inward 

allows rapid ventilation 

—whether or not the persons were subject to ill treatment—

O within Planning policy targets plagued by pigeons 

fingered blocks window strips

Lord,., lord 

the bottom line is the bottom line! 

profits prostrate beneath everything AT ONCE; make us regret the day that ever doomed us to dreadful shrieks & horrid cries, but dare not come out.  

make Notting Hill Genesis happy

I am Dear Sir

Most truly Yours

Gentlemen engorge this principal client fund DV4

 snapped up sub tenure in a skyline of cutpurses 

inferior crimes,& THE JUDGES 

thought a letter dropped an FF175BP fridge-freezer 

that nothg can be granted 

on winter oranges swilling blood snaps 

on a pawnbrokers bough 

Peter John, O.B.E J.C.B affordable rent over the road

& so we must work closely with local enforcement authorities  

& the glass in my eye hurts, like full of sand. 

Splinters. Webs. 

Well trained insects.  We crawl away, towards the hall, & lay still. The canopy has suffered from impact damage from objects being anti - socially dropped from above.


Tsk tsk tsk Get Living Now 

were made, of the building, their fire rubber truncheons 

Was narrow.  Was just around our heads.

Was flat on your belly.  Was up the stairs

‘You must phone the Army, to have them

repair the window, tell them that I am not

doing anything! . . . 


‘Did you hear the Army radio ?’

Mumbles unconnected things.  Looks

me in the face as if he didn't recognize me.

Keeps clicking away,  stops,  looks around with

a blank expression of te r r o r 

& the light in which I now stand 

a crown of tapered pilasters 

& a ring of perforated Ritblat’s to eclipse the Father 

& very soon a need will set you 

 in all aspects of Contentious Probate, Trusts & Property Litigation turn my hair for militia 

&c &c &c Family Office Club-

#1 Largest Family Office Association 

& Ultra-Wealthy Wealth Management 

Thou shalt here further from me when it is Head Quarters.


Head Quarters

so I returned, &considered all the oppressions that are done under the sun; &behold the tears of such as were oppressed, &they had no comforter; &on the side of their oppressors there was power, but they had no comforter.


stretchformed &decambered 

small pieces of bone BLEEDING 


The public realm areas of the undercroft &service yard will be transformed as part of these proposals as wrenching ammonia, tar & benzene the wholesome air suffers a thorax simmers at home. A new ceiling &lighting system will brighten the space & conceal the numerous pipes & cables mounted to the soffit burning of nausea & itching tears . The garage doors will be replaced with glazed shopfronts for the new offices. The existing louvers in the opposite south facing wall will be fastened shut & forever. The Bins area will be screened & new paving to the shared surface will extend up to the entrance.


Powdercoated aluminium windows are proposed as replacements for the existing. The larger panel is a tilt & turn window which is the default means of ventilation, it will be restricted to a narrow opening in normal use. A slither is always that or die, always red to gush catalyst anomies raided world elopes not to be mangled but. as a last resort of course by the State, a strike for your life! spectral Keith Josephs failing radiant social pathology 

The Transmitted Deprivation Research Programme.

Both window halves can be cleaned safely from inside: the tilt and turn window can be disengaged from the safe position and you can opened inwards. The windows are slightly larger than real life existing to compensate for real life and therefore maintain good levels of natural daylight.  


To improve said daylighting to the new residential units at mezzanine level and to provide cover to the new entrance at Walkway level , the proposed canopy has been raised up a full storey height. Instead of a downward pitch following the existing it is pitched upward with a gutter and rainwater pipes against the building allowing for a visually more slender and uncluttered profile when viewed from ground level. 

The proposed canopy is to be a plywood deck with solid metal deck finish. The underside will be a flush ceiling board, detailed so as to limit opportunities for pigeons to roost , a problem with the current canopy. Maintenance access to the gutters and hoppers will be via hydraulic cherry picker platforms.  


A zinc composite rainscreen cladding is proposed to the upper levels. Zinc has the advantage of being a self-finished natural material that will not corrode or weather as a coated finish eventually would. It offers a clean appearance, crisp detailing at joints & an attractive dull lustre. It is not sufficiently robust to use at low level so a combination of dark brick & new high quality concrete facings the slogs of your necktie; They kill inside & never deliver full restitution 

 The meeting



Jamie Ritblat greyed in twice, I imagine you twisted 

upright inside as the scale of enterprise pails 

upstairs in your head dies,,

as the potential for sabotage in the workplace rises

up & up & up 

& the starred strange, as bedfellows 

squeeze the logarithmic pulse 

dies keeping the costs running 

get polythene PoP inflammable 

now stretch it over your grandchildrens heads 

tie it with a bit of string 

this type of thing is 

highly dangerous & was always 

that or die to the decidability of numbers

you &shit mouthed words cleared in seal 

on life as it pins in footholds 

in cinquefoil rusticum jus 

steadily worsed I close up I remain 

dear sir where hasp solders 

& indictments encroach the lighter air faithfully 

forever blue