Wednesday 16 March 2022

Coming Back Again, (draft/unfinished)


Sicked light made bulbs cinquefoil twist

windpipe striplings wiggle over hangnail

morning winter bittering charts in eyes

on copal varnish covered amalgam

nilmouth Make The Sky Fall Waking 

self-accused cuspid semitone

credit licensing legislation slip 

spruce buds between fingers 

picked by vote 

whose dead hole now leads in-itching

history is black earth 

so by fleas it travels on rats 

sucks dewy light venal caveat down

wards facing dog 

a vote whose dead hole 

streams 12 stars over my right eye 

a technical ripstop Made in Italy 

Cocoon shaped concealed zip closed snap

hoarding built above your head

O Sitex what better time to move away 

& what it means 

to truly be filtered air inside 

new homes on dead bones, 

crave dirt with anti-gel bac biting over 

the community preview camber 

a count of candles under chin

a doorstep away from the river

& it loses its dead remember 

how much a solvent tooth is

breaking over drawbridge, moat & boiling water 

a charcoallike smell, 

cysteine claggy 

I want concierges. burning 

in an unlocked drawer away from view

behind a picture in a home

the removal of unpaid items 

physical keys, numerical codes, complex passwords, 

biometric identification 

strayed too far from the party’s epicentre again

having yourself beneath the blocks, 

the undercrofts & prey for the fowls of the air

or  mim in a room full of freaks again 

hush that sloops how i yearn to dance 

in a room full of freaks again.