Tuesday 4 May 2021

Heaven is Everywhere at Home (draft)

Cleanness of sprat inside 

follow the trawler beyond 

work there are rations beyond 

rations there is your dead sop  

wringing out CYP enzymes 

chisel heartland to kindling

the gas in poetry 

cleans its hands in muddy ditches 

life of trig point etheric 

saw a moon from Sussex Downs,

a Sussex moon, 

untravelled still unsound

today the Odd is buried inside a cloud 

of seditious lines 

on lysol rime anemone 

covers aerodromes 

some fiscal primaries go untorched 

like a chink in twilights sporting 

Portland stone ecclesiastical brethren's

are today zephyrs over city interns

 burning the magic roundabout 

 dusk light to 

         common-interest developments 

in wreck of our anti-ferrules 

 scratch inside dry alcohol clouds

Praeposter to Business Class 

fast clinked glasses, 

and the signing ecclesiastical larks 

jumps a lifeline to a lifeline 

watch in secret

when rent is a gratitude poison 

that produces nothing but a disc of omissions, 

or are we unworthy of both

and so our ballads complaint 

as a binder of Forgotten People circa 

turning John Johnson in the undercrofts 

& prey for the fowls of the air

over dust suppressants near monitor stations 

a hate bubble  tangles up jargon 

to make you worse, 

the NHS cat's-eye outposting 

self-eject end of some business 

According to the London Chamber of Commerce, each day is a new day erodes all previous days declaring

work as you are 

used up natural reverb from a long corridor 

 & back into the vagary of its grim logic span 

you are the fountain of work ethic unchained,

 a ‘cut’ in a hologram 

& or bonsais blown to flag gulches 

&indices sprint out the whole  

day, personal, emotional 

irrational pence contempt

the soft bayonet never lays its head

for dealing with malingerers, 

 a tryst overpings 

and for 'being sick' is misconduct

you could chronically repudiate 

unhinge or scream at each other 

as a condition of being allowed 

to pursue all, or part, of yourself inside

 the wind carries away an excess, 

you could chronically repudiate

daydreams strain the ripcord 

whether the individual is affected

in an atypical or unusual way, 

managing abstention is rarely 

at the trickier end of any scalping 

&nothing chokes the supply chain 

management quartet by two frets 

 burnout to well being 

strangely unyielding inside skin  

out   prang by prang this axis

 poverty aviary

 &extract to small dreaded towropes 

back and forth below

 no longer a workhorse - 

an insistence. instead 

at last expired.