Tuesday 11 May 2021





Now on your own,  they rumple thorns  

 & scour a mutually alienated silhouette unwrit,

 humming the same heartless registrar   

 burning a HR bulletin hole 

into miserable callused fingers 

the cruellest colliery cramps payroll troll

 Fuck it.  as they casually seek 

to remove parts inside —dry heaving— somewhere

 in arm’s letter length its subsong

 trembling& wisp'd over-whelming   

clavichord of the Damned  

  suspended tic force.

Gets charred, the hand that feds

the migraine weather

use of all the partners of spendthrift

said aloud, or whispered under briar

  turns in unchecked

 light falls off again

sweat in the database vale 

tiered waved yet buoyant,

     thrift adjutant us, again

                              nozzle to nozzle tight

           O rift a goad to go  

       walking to remould,

                waking least lowest

most ragged & dismissed,

not your own, not yours to remove

 empty lease, figure of  starred& pricked eyes;

grown inwards in this weaved

perimeter all valued

load-bearing embittered care

rills abstention

such as belief is invited to a disciplinary

hearing remade to provide

medicine & or attend apprehensions,

with imbroglio-heart,

in excommunication

unity in other work;

going homeopath, doing DIY

people think misericord

reprobates in a circuit, as in raft

extends, indefinitely

you at each other

screaming in the direction of other bodies

at sunrise rhythming

if ellipsis is the only harm done

 with something you can’t

 of vanishing like to or as 

the final ever Adult Cataclysm Tribunal  

fractured light is monstrous

and invisibly-cold.

Flayed rota of me

—somewhere in arm’s letter,

a monologue sprocket docked

 to goal over-lives

 open the payroll or I will implode

a blow of state, or shill the very foundations

call the Honourable Artillery Company

over &over &over again

in set-tos that hold them,

still not dead

to bring the city to a halt

and to fail singularly

eat through haze

of an arms length of numbers,

on salvoWEB countersign upon countersign

with ripped-out sprigs

a livelihood of rubrics,

here the coup de grâce

gently absent from fairest oak

approved Work-Force pedants made on

the cruellest woes

or most anxious heaves

at arm’s letter, water cannot be disconnected

said Work and Pensions but merely rerouted

in shame, gently accompanying

private waste.

Doglegged as contingent, as failed urgent response

applause every security clapped away,

every induced monstrous

datableed in the throes  

would tell us in touching ditch

grown apart—

a negative whole,

revenant spew ever-beckoning,

never arriving new speak  

whispering effectiveness

at when we meet factotum to factotum.

Or in a damaged freedom

on this their fairway,

waterless suspended tic

yearly planner eats my meniscus

so riven in

orchestral strings come

for a strategic priority

choking snag regress

the same bloodless pinch

rite of errors in remembrance.

Your entitlement

to Occupational Sickness

is reduced to half

with efficiency closed, to tabless forward

best wishbones for your continued

recreation silts in twilight

the timeserver glinting violence you made

imperishable straitjacket the ruction you

can't exhaust the ruction

you are now meant to live

trying to as inadequately told as;

If there are any other ways

It drones out of anguish

in lines I inhibit

militia cut off the merest anode

swallowed mnemonic, rented

on webHome .cloches

the effigy of the wren

like everything I sang dead again.