Monday 25 January 2021




In red tarn speak with nettles 
a codex of twilight workload,
my twisted fingers wrought 
in a turnabout no rest breaks I
implode planted sedge rags 
off poor eaten rep fucking 
corpuscle in Southwark 
drubbing a homeowners lock
an eyelash cuts Hail Mary's 
from glasshouses as upward mobility
titled 'The Grandparent Effect'
O childminders of the gabardine,  
hand outs are a creed too!
its a living put the kibosh on
a scarcity holograph slithers me to my 
sepulchre of worked chimes 
an unhurt word stings out
to kickback in real time trademarked
disincentive to cathode tearaways 
underneath chirrup 
with an overbalance sweetener,
Chartwells green spouts strong 
& stable choir boy harangues in mid-hue
I’m an apolitical tee banging the bishop
from a ballot box a voice
says swivel is all you need 
Exploding Head syndrome
it's a Causeway over mattock Homeowner