Monday 25 January 2021

Dido Harding Bleeding Out a Stone

You must live off plenaries 

in the tiny pip the rental market 

is an alternative fact than the idyll 

of freezing mud its venues in six silhouetted 

storied separations we lay deligh- 

tfully still in our thousands upward

pissing what is cause over effect? 

what is a child infirmary guild? 
Answer: a loud scree, Rishi
a mothball belly collapses to 
capsule red yearning 
and pining I saw feral boys wandering 
out the imploded evil box 
with cracked heads all reckless with stones 
and things like that,
Dido Harding you see her 
after a cyber attack  
or something revealing the details 
of four million faces that's why
anonymity is sacred and 
facelessness is sacrifice! 
so put the human racecourse 
within the exclusion zone!
Participant Manfred Loves You
remember like the softest plush toy 
ever all biding in planter silk 
Homeowner 'watch-it-burn' 
in a McDonalds toilet over and over
again in their elements for good reason 
on Ketamine, acting empathically
blood out of stone and so on,
acting like it’s hurting close 
your eyes into the stresses 
Sefton, Horse of the Year
on route to Changing of the Guard 
Dido Harding bleeding out a stone
with cards and mints and things like that
those that died were called 
Cedric, Epaulette, Falcon, Rochester, 
Waterford, Yeastvite and Zara
all this sweetness all in 
dark outside clipping, we thought 
we saw it moving. We had to shoot it 
to relieve its suffering 
the clubhouses have moved again
like we've all got some socialism 
inside us and no one has scabies, Dido Harding 
there's no misery for good reason 
like rocks Dido Harding bleeding out 
over Quango our empty white lanyards 
all seem to be shrinking through our insides
echo grey are bloodless stones Dido Harding
in the carbine in the ellipse in a- 
nything representing a motorcade
of hate you’re still the 
same persuasion rick with h- 
eart of shrapnel, and we will nev 
er die, softly or faintly again
in a rentiers ring-a-rosie at 
noon our little empty lanyard dangles
out, Serfton archangel partly swollen,
without blood in a full state kit
we have to exit the vicinity only 
real workers can stay on site only 
Dido Harding still to come and 
we will never tell them, even a 
single word picked out of a rose
spoken I would rather die than 
become a Rose scabbing
from the glasshouse rental market
rocks that flinch for no good reason
don't care my life is freezing 
mud and thawing out in 
sunhats O up-to-drizzle 
off inheritance lets chalk 
ourselves to the perma-dorms of
the poor students fuck off Andrew Neil 
is hard as nails hard as faeces 
hard as the Labour Party is full of 
hearties with dispensaries 
my factotum is twisting in
all looking out on open 
heart surgery hot seated 
in the HR dept is
representing brightness itself 
like everything denied to 
us is flowing through our 
workload upon Homeowner 
I, without an alias 
Labour Party fuck off 
the sunhats O the sublime O
with lightship O rainstorm like 
distinct ideologies never hustled anyone 
sometimes it feels like there’s 
nothing we can do about it
underneath a bandstand