Monday 7 December 2020


Sino block in middle camp

nurdle clumps sick ablate or,

as in consulate inwards

over gelded estuary 

summit for cross-fencible 

and antiquated dovetails 

not yet permanently but 

in nubile blood hoax balds tincture, 

harps on free forever

biting reuptake thought pressed

on a market ego I pulse in foie gras 

a dysplastic life fuddles clean

the canicular of committed role-play, 

to amp my agro mouth sideways

trading wind on narrow lanes

walkways sick of the sight of anyone

under bruxism fume hold a vapour breath

to a lapsed bid togethering

the last cloud contact burns 

each today a tone of grouse and puce

distempering in rough reproof 

the chap-less doublecross 

Laowai sticks with black tongue